ACCORDING to the Chinese philosopher Confucius, it was in 2640 BC that silk was first discovered by the Chinese princess Xi Ling Shi.

In the ensuing centuries silk has lost none of its allure. What is so special about silk? Well, the silk thread, usually produced by the silk worm is the finest and strongest natural product in the world. A luminescent, warm and robust material, silk has been the natural choice for quality garments through the ages.…

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LONDON SPITFIRE brought some much-need e-sport success to the country when it won the inaugural Overwatch League title earlier this year.

But as great as their achievement was, our ability to boast about the triumph was limited by the fact the entire Spitfire squad haled from South Korea. But now our homegrown talent has given us something to shout about by upsetting the odds and storming their way to the semi-finals of the Overwatch World Cup.…

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