London Spitfire – Overwatch League Champions 2018!

London Spitfire do the country proud and are Overwatch league champions. IT was entirely appropriate that when London Spitfire finally clinched the inaugural Overwatch League crown, they did so battling it out on King’s Row – the only map in the game set in the city of London. The Spitfire team, who had reached the…

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MY partner just split up with me because they thought I was too obsessed with football. I’m gutted as we’d been dating for three seasons.

Never mind, I can cheer myself up with the transfer window – it’s that time of year that’s nuttier than squirrel poo for fans across the country.   Liverpool supporters are currently happier than Kim Kardashian at a Spanx sale after the sensational signing of Alisson from Roma. The 25-year-old has become the most expensive…

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IT’S clear our footballers never read Shakespeare who once said ‘This England never did, nor never shall, lie at the proud foot of a conqueror’.

For we were well and truly conquered by Croatia in the World Cup semi-final and they in turn were left dead on their feet in the final showdown with France. The Three Lions then lost the third-place play-off to Belgium so literally nothing came home, except a new-found admiration for Kieran Trippier. Still on a…

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