THE talk was all about Swansea versus Southampton but the big story ended up being West Brom who went down on Tuesday without kicking a ball.

It was the ultimate manager of the month curse – relegated on the day Darren Moore picked up the oft-cursed gong. The game in Wales was won thanks to Manolo Gabbiadini’s late goal and virtually ensures Saints’ survival barring an improbably 10-goal swing on the final day. The following evening it was Swansea who suffered…

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IT MAY well be that fashion doesn’t matter to you. Perhaps you shop with a blindfold, take pride in your dismissive attitude to labels, and disinterest in designers.

Nonetheless, you must accept that design is integrated into our everyday lives. Art is embedded in every piece of furniture we use, every fabric we touch, every car we drive and every building we see. It is inescapable. And we are immersed in it. This blog is for everyone because almost everyone who reads it…

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“LOOK at my boobs. Look at my ass. I am beautiful!” Amy Schumer’s character Renee proclaims in her new comedy, I Feel Pretty.

I do like the idea of it: Woman with debilitating low self-esteem suffers a (non-life threatening) head injury with the only side effect to emerge; that of being entirely happy in her own skin. In addressing unrealistic expectations and body dysmorphia – universal girl angst – the film is well intentioned. But the yarn has…

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