I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!

There is nothing quite getting into a freshly made bed of crisp white cotton sheets, pulling up that plush, warm, marshmallow like, down filled duvet and nestling into those perfectly fluffed, cotton wool like pillows.

Yes, when it comes to my bed, my standards are high. Too many years ramping up those air miles on business trips and after a long day in the office, there’s something quite homely about getting into that freshly made bed, despite the rather sterile surroundings of yet another hotel room, in yet another strange city, where once my head hits the pillow and my eyelids finally succumb, I could be anywhere.

The down side of course is one gets rather used to the daily changeover of bed linen and maintaining that standard once I get off the flight home, when all I want to do is curl up and forget what time zone I’m actually on, as I fight the onslaught of yet another dose of jetlag, oh if only I had a maids service! No, I’m no longer in that hotel room bubble! A turndown and slippers would do but for know that will remain a dream as I’m not quite sure I can convince my husband to take on the maids service! I can hear his laughter from here.

But there is once saving grace and that’s at least knowing that when I do make it to my bed, what’s waiting me is my own set of crisp white cotton sheets, down filled duvet and perfectly fluffy pillows, thanks to one of my favourite British home wares brands. The White Company. Yes, everything I need and a whole lot more I probably don’t but when it comes to my bedroom, I’m going to indulge!

Founded over 22 years ago by Chrissie Rucker, The White Company maybe a youngster in this country’s creative landscape but its certainly carved out its crisp white niche as its continues to go from strength to strength, creating simply exquisite, timeless products to dress your home, for you to create your perfect retreat.


The beautifully styled stores convincing me, I do need that entire knew bed linen set, complete with quilt, throw and scatter cushions. In fact why don’t I just curl up here right now? It’s oh so inviting.


And their products speak for themselves, I mean like I need an excuse for a lie-in, especially at this time of year! Nothing quite like a cold spell to convince me I need that Audley Quilt, the weight of that additional layer convincing me it’s not below freezing out there when you’ve forgotten to check the forecast so haven’t put the heating on! Or that the radiator that’s hasn’t worked for 2 years, still isn’t working because you couldn’t be bothered to bleed it, but then why on earth would I leave this plush white cocoon to do something as practical as that, when I can just add another plush blanket to the mix and leave it until next year!

And could it get any better… of course it can! As once I’ve braved pealing back that indulgent cocoon of warmth, I’m safe in the knowledge I’ll soon be wrapped in that luxurious velour robe, slipping my feet into those toasty cashmere socks and heading for the nearest sofa with my cashmere throw and instigating a duvet day.


All I need know if room service to order that fresh cup of piping hot coffee and then I remember where I am, safe in the knowledge that my husband already has a pot on the Aga and normality is restored!


So if you are looking for a little self indulgence for your home this Christmas, then take a trip to The White Company and make it a rather crisp White Christmas. It certainly gets British Products recommendation for the perfect Christmas gift or two, so what are you waiting for, take a look and get that robe, the throw, all that bedding and of course the cashmere socks on your Christmas wish list this year and enjoy!



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