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We are a team of individuals bringing together a trusted selection of Great British Products. In our quest to find the ‘best of British’ we will share the information discovered.  We will continue to promote the innovative and quality products which contribute to make Britain what it is today.  Still creating and continuing to create iconic brands, which are known and will become known throughout the world.

Our aim in collecting  Great British products together in one Great Website is to allow all corners of the globe, near and far the ability to source easily, all that is best in Britain, easily and efficiently.

Britain is renowned for its creation of the most iconic products, being a nation of forward thinkers and innovators, symbolized by the iconic Union Jack, known across the world.

We are looking forward to discovering and learning what made Britain Great, and sharing this with you.

We hope you enjoy following our blog posts. Please feel free to ask any questions about Britain or British products on our forum page.


Can you feature my product?

If you are interested in having you product featured on our blog, complete the supplier request form here.

When is your shop launching?

We are working hard at making the shop it the best it can possibly be before launching. We are hoping to launch the store late 2016.

Do you feature guest articles?

Yes – we do! If you have a relevant article that you would like to have featured on our site, please contact us through the form here.

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