ACCORDING to the Chinese philosopher Confucius, it was in 2640 BC that silk was first discovered by the Chinese princess Xi Ling Shi.

In the ensuing centuries silk has lost none of its allure. What is so special about silk? Well, the silk thread, usually produced by the silk worm is the finest and strongest natural product in the world. A luminescent, warm and robust material, silk has been the natural choice for quality garments through the ages. With its hypoallergenic and wrinkle free qualities, the material has even more to offer in the modern age. As Oscar de la Renata said,” Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.”


When Bianca Elgar was selecting a fabric for her scarf range, including the award-winning Three-Sided Skinny and her unique Tube Tops, silk was the only option. The tube top, a splendid example of Bianca Elgar’s innovative design can be worn as a top, a bolero or a scarf. The tube top is available in a vibrant floral print, black and black organza silk which is perfect both for festive evenings, and for making a bold fashion statement, if you want to get noticed and spoil yourself in preparation for Christmas and New Year celebrations.


The capsule clothing collection was inspired by a period when Bianca went to live abroad for six months, and required to travel light. She chose some favourite basics clothes which could, with a variety of colourful scarves and accessories, be used to create diverse fashion statements.


The collection has at its core lightweight, pieces which are all designed and made in Britain. The scarf and tube top ranges use only the finest quality silk.

The striking prints are created through the silkscreen process whereby digital printing allows for deep ink penetration of the silk so that the vivid colours and designs appear on both sides of the fabric. Finished by hand with delicate pin-hem stitching, the attention to detail is unrivalled. Bianca’s unique designs are intended to inspire the wearer. They can be worn together or individually to create different looks for any mood and occasion.


Bianca Elgar has won multiple awards for her designs and as her collection continues to grow, her commitment to producing high quality exclusive clothing and accessories remains. Her range comprises simple, adaptable clothing, an extensive scarf collection; ‘Carissa’ – a selection of modular acrylic jewellery, and a home accessories range.


As a child of the sixties and seventies, Bianca grew up with the concept of ‘Flower Power’, and this inspired her to design her own Language of Flowers, using the Rose, a symbol of love and beauty, the Forget Me Not, associated with love and remembrance and the Passion Flower, associated with Christ and in India, sisterly love. These flowers are recreated on her silk prints and Bianca Elgar donates 10% of the sales of the Rose, Forget Me Not and Passion Flower Skinnies to charities Look Good Feel Better, Alzheimer’s Society and Trinity Hospice.

So if you want individual wearable art check out Bianca Elgar designs at

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