The UnScotch Egg and the Cumberbunny – A truly alternative Easter


OK, so he did it again! I’d never intended my husband to become a regular feature on my blog but when this year’s Easter gift arrived he left me with little choice!

It’s fair to say I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth, even though I hide it 99.9% of the time! To the extent that friends will tell you I don’t eat sweet stuff, which isn’t far from the truth, having jumped on the sugar-free bandwagon a couple of years ago. But believe me, I still have a sweet tooth and I still have, albeit very occasional, moments of indulgence – and when I do, it usually has something to do with chocolate and the darker the better!

I think my husband’s first experience of my love of chocolate became somewhat apparent on our first Valentines. Eager to impress, he’d arranged a dinner for two, at a beautiful restaurant, which concluded with a chocolate fondue. When dessert finally arrived, in all its greatly anticipated glory, it was presented in a beautiful teapot, resembling something from Alice in Wonderland. Half filled with a rich, dark chocolate fondue; it arrived with a selection of suitable accompaniments for indulging, including fluffy marshmallows and a plate of perfectly ripened strawberries. After a brief moment of admiration, I quickly selected my fondue duelling fork and pierced the largest sweetest looking strawberry, quickly submerging it into the pot of beautifully molten, liquid chocolate, digging deep to ensure every inch of flesh was submerged.

Finally making contact with the base of the pot, I began to lift the chocolate laden strawberry, which would soon be my prize, only for it to quickly slip from my grasp with the weight of liquid chocolate and literally plop into the molten abyss. At this point, my husband (then boyfriend) and I shared an amused moment but in my head, the battle was about to commence!

Not to be outdone by the strawberry I quickly located it under its chocolate cover and digging my fork in deep edged the strawberry up towards the surface of the chocolate. Rather pleased with myself as I saw it resurface, I continued to drag the strawberry up the inside of the teapot, anticipating the true glory of my win by consuming my now chocolate laden strawberry nemesis! The battle, however, was not over and little did I know the said strawberry was planning its final great escape!

As it crept ever closer to the lip of the pot, now at the rim, I hadn’t anticipated what would happen next. I was stuck! The strawberry now at the lip of the pot and under great pressure to avoid a repeat performance, there was only one place for it to go and that was up! And oh my god did it go up! Finally catapulting out of the teapot like a bullet out of a gun! Indeed the strawberry had channelled its own force and done the unthinkable! Escaped! Leaving a trail of chocolate in its midst although thankfully avoiding a direct hit on our fellow Valentine’s diners, also undertaking their own fondue battles that evening! Needless to say, my husband and I’s shared appreciation for chocolate was sealed that evening.

So as you can imagine to a closet chocolate lover, Easter is a pretty big deal in our house and yet again he pulled it out the bag, or in this case, the Mad Hatter’s hat! As you know from my previous blog, my husband knows me well when it comes to gifts but Easter is always a gamble as it’s one time of the year when I do eat chocolate so it better be good! And oh yes it was!

On Easter morning, my gift arrived in its delivery box, an unassuming standard brown card delivery box, reminiscent of numerous Amazon deliveries. OK, so he’s got me, no giveaways at all at this point, so I peel open the tape and fold back the flaps of the box and to my complete surprise it’s a chocolate rabbit! How very ordinary is my first thought, not quite the Easter surprise I’ve come to love but then I realised, it’s not just any rabbit. As I lift the neatly cellophane wrapped bunny to face me, I find a strangely familiar face! In my wildest dreams I never imagined my husband would be gifting me what I am now looking at; Benedict Cumberbatch in chocolate! Or in the clever words of the creator; the ‘Cumberbunny’ from the equally brilliantly named and in all its dark chocolate glory! Simply genius and a great British Product! And all I have to say is why wait until Easter? In my view, any day’s a good day for a Cumberbunny!

But that’s not all! At this point I should say my husband does equally well on the gift front, it helps that his competitive wife will not be outdone! So this year my mission was to find a brilliantly unique Easter gift and I think I might just have excelled thanks to another equally creative British company!

My husband is not the easiest man to buy for as he can change his mind almost as often as his socks and if he sees something he likes, he usually buys it there and then! So the challenge was on! Like a dog with a bone my usual Google search commenced, I knew the perfect gift was out there somewhere and sure enough, after a few hours of searching, I hit the golden egg! There it was in all its glory! Just brilliant! I placed my order with excited amusement – at the prospect of the great unwrap and I waited for Easter to arrive!

On Easter morning, still brimming with the brilliance of my Cumberbunny, it was now time for my husband to open his gift! Could Easter get any better! Of course! A crisp white delivery box awaited him with no clue as to what laid inside! Peeling back the tape and opening the lid, there it was, or should I say, there they were!

Wrapped in newsprint telling their brilliant story and nestled in their raffia nest were two of Agnes De Sucre finest UnScotch Eggs! Complete with a perfectly designed menu card explaining all the layers of deliciousness that awaited him! Yes, you heard it, I gave my husband scotch eggs for Easter, but these beauties aren’t just any scotch eggs, the aptly named UnScotch Eggs are the perfect gift for the sweet-toothed chocolate lovers amongst us as they are pure confectionary! Yes, you read correctly, this is not a savoury item and is 100% meat free! Layer upon layer of cleverly crafted chocolate complete with a cookie crumb coat and a salted caramel yolk! Quite frankly a brilliantly ingenious British product – The UnScotch Egg from Agnes De Sucre. The ultimate gift for a true chocoholic, perfect for a birthday, that Bridget Jones moment or for an alternative summer picnic! So go on, indulge! You know you want to!


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