Destiny 2 is finally here and YouTuber causes outrage… AGAIN!

YOUTUBER PewDiePie has caused yet more outrage this week by using a racial slur during a livestream.

Sadly PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, has previous when it comes to this sort of thing.

The Brighton-based Swede hit the headlines for the wrong reasons earlier this year when the Wall Street Journal revealed he had used anti-Semitic ‘jokes’ in one of his videos.

That video featured PewDiePie paying two Indian men $5 to reveal a banner on a livestream saying “Death to all Jews”.

PewDiePie reacted furiously to the story, saying the video had been taken out of context and he had merely been making a point that people will do anything for money.

Other videos featuring him dressed as a Nazi were, he explained, a satirical response to the subsequent media outcry.

With nearly 60 million subscribers on YouTube, the 27-year-old has plenty of influence but doesn’t seem to be using it in a particularly positive manner.

Calling someone an “f***ing n*****” and then laughing while playing a game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC is pretty pathetic for a man of his stature.

He has since released an apology video where he calls himself an “idiot” and says sorry if he has offended people. But saying sorry if he has offended people is a cop-out that effectively palms the blame on to the over-sensitive viewer. He should simply apologise for being offensive full stop.

The most infuriating thing about his apology is the YouTube comments, which are full of his fan-boy followers either giving him forgiveness or claiming he did nothing wrong in the first place.

The world currently seems to be cursed by a growing army of angry young white men, raised on YouTubers with a penchant for alt-right politics, casual racism and rape jokes.

It’s a culture shift that has helped contribute to Brexit, Donald Trump, far right rallies in the US and an internet culture that seems increasingly isolated from the rest of civilisation.

If PewDiePie really is as sorry as he claims, he needs to put the Hitler jokes and the racial slurs to bed for good.

His following tend to be pretty young and it is possible PewDiePie is desperately trying to break away from his clean-cut image, a la Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber. Perhaps he thinks being edgy will make him more credible and less of a teeny-bopper vlogger.

Throwing out racial slurs is not a bright way to do it, though. Maybe he has so much money these days he no longer cares what people think.

Either way, there are only so many times people are going to buy his apologies. I stopped believing him a long time ago.



I HAVE spent pretty much every spare hour over the past week playing Destiny 2.

The game is an improvement on the original in pretty much every department. Whereas the first one had a laughable story and a lack of direction, this release has a decent campaign with a clear structure.

The various planets and moons are packed with things to do, the progression system is more generous and the various currencies and level caps haven been streamlined.

All in all, the game is a palpable hit. One of my friends, who only bought Destiny 2 to play with her pals, declared it was just “more of the same”.

And to an extent, she’s right. There are no new alien species to combat and the gameplay loop can still be a bit repetitive. Certainly, if the shooting mechanics and world building of the first Destiny did nothing for you, this won’t change your mind.

But if you gave up on Destiny because the story was vague and there wasn’t enough content, the sequel may well be the time to hop back in.


IF Destiny 2 isn’t your bag, there are plenty of other gaming delights to keep you occupied this week.

Battlefield 1 released the In The Name Of the Tsar expansion for Premium Pass owners last week. The Russia-themed pack for the First World War shooter includes new maps, game modes, weapons and perks.

Tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has been updated with the Blood Orchid DLC, featuring three new operators (two from Hong Kong and one from Poland) and a new map set in a theme park.

For Sports fans, Pro Evolution Soccer 18 is out this week and FIFA 18 has a demo out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but sadly not for the Nintendo Switch, which will be getting a full release of the game on September 29.

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