Eco Glitter Fun: Glamour meets Environmentally friendly

It’s fair to say we were all a bit disappointed to find out that glitter was another fun thing to add to the long list of things that cause more harm than good to the environment. Whether it’s on your clothes, your nails, your skin, your Christmas cards or your child’s work of art, glitter and sparkle make everything inherently more interesting. It is the staple item of any music festival wardrobe and can turn any outfit into a glamourous, chef d’oeuvre in just a few sprinkles. So isn’t it great to find out that glitter is not lost, there are environmentally friendly, sparkle alternatives to that nasty, plastic stuff! Forget polluting oceans and fields, get with the times and feed some microorganisms with plant film glitter (2018 is not doom and gloom after all).

I found out about Eco Glitter Fun while looking for a music festival solution for Leeds earlier this year. Soon after my escapades up North, I got a chance to speak with the creative genius behind this glitter project, Sophie Awdry.

Sophie works with her friend Noemi to bring the world solutions, not problems, to the sparkle crisis.

What started out as a seed at a Christmas party soon blossomed into a beautiful sparkly flower in 2016. In less than a year, two friends with an ambition to bring the world eco friendly glitter, turned into two full time packagers, a marketing team, a brand and above all a full time business with a message that needs to be heard.

Being eco friendly and plastic free is really important to us and something that we strive for, when we have our boxes delivered we ask them not to be wrapped in plastic, even small changes can make a difference. It’s a challenge but we want to make people more aware of the environment while still being sparkly.”

We have started spraying on our labels to cut out a stage of the plastic

We do not sell bioplastic, we sell completely biodegradable plant film glitter, most of our glitter will degrade within four weeks, and will be eaten by microorganisms”.

British Products got the chance to test out the Christmas glitter beards kit, I cannot recommend it enough. Firstly, the glitter holds better than (non biodegradable) examples I have shamefully used before I was enlightened; and it doesn’t feel rough on your skin. We wanted to show you a couple of tries on various beard lengths. My glamourous assistants Nick, Tom 1 (blond) and Tom 2 (Brunette) lend their facial hair for a CRIMBOVER.

Just to clarify what you get, in a beautifully packaged but totally recyclable box, two glitter colours, a wooden toothbrush to apply the sparkles, and a plentiful tin of Aloe Vera hair gel. It is worth mentioning that this is also ideal for head hair.

Starting with Nick, who had the longest beard, I found it difficult to get the results I was looking for however in hindsight I think I was brushing the glitter into the beard too much. That said, we ended up with a subtle sparkle, something for the more reserved glitter fairies out there who want to shine without the totally jaw dropping effect. It looked gorgeous in the light and Nick twinkled all over the room like a living Christmas tree.

Moving onto Tom 1. Now, Tom 1, has a medium beard, and fair hair so significantly less was needed to have an effect. The glitter turned Tom 1’s goatee into tinselesque perfection. We went for the half and half look.

By the time I got to Tom 2, having become more confident with the technique, I went for a green handlebar moustache and red beard, this one was definitely the most show stopping outcome of the three, the red came out ruby bright and the mix of the green screamed out Christmas. Tom 2 also has notoriously sensitive skin, which was not in any way irritated after using the glitter, toothbrush or hair gel and to the relief of all three men, it washed out very easily as well.

As you can see below, the results you can get are incredible and it depends what you are working with, but on the whole a few things I can say are it stays on well, while there was a little spillage onto their tops, the glitter seemed heavy enough to not fly everywhere, sitting on a cream sofa and cream carpet, there were no casualties.

Sophie and Noemi have worked exceptionally hard to bring eco glitter to various festivals in the UK and across Europe. Shockingly, some festivals that asked for only biodegradable to be sold in their contract, when push came to shove, non biodegradable glitter was being sold on the festival grounds, sometimes marketed as biodegradable. The lesson here being, just because it claims to be biodegradable doesn’t mean it is, luckily you are safe with Eco Glitter Fun.

This is a really exciting British company who are activists just as much as they artists.

We had a really fun evening trying this out, and there was quite a lot left even after doing the three boys (the rest is being saved for my Christmas party and my father on Christmas day mouahahaha). We recommend the beard kit for a gift! But do check out their amazing selection because this is just as worthy for a Saturday night out as a Christmas stocking filler, also perfect for children’s face painting parties, as I said, it lasts really well. Some favourites are the pride kit, which is all for a good cause as well as having some amazing colours in there, and my personal favourite is the pinky set  which has a gorgeous pink and gold glitter bottle.

I really hope that our readers will either go Eco Glitter, or go without. It’s an easy change to make, and it’s fun 😀

So finally Sophie if you could glitter any British face, who would it be?

“It would have to be David Attenborough”

Spread the sparkles, spread the love. Get Eco Glitter Fun on the high street!

Eco Glitter Fun, Making Christmas Trees feel underdressed since 2016.


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