End of year political quiz by Ian Hernon

What a year it’s been in politics. 2019 started with Theresa May as prime minister, Jeremy Corbyn riding relatively high in the polls and Vince Cable as leader of the Lib Dems.

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Pretty much everything has changed in the last 12 months, so here is my seasonal political quiz of the year.

It focuses on the quirky and nearly insane side of Westminster. And in an era of “fake news”, every answer is bizarrely correct. Even the ancestry of the new Downing Street dog:

1. Which TV presenter told former MP George Galloway of “eff off”?

2. X-Files star Gillian Anderson filmed the 4th series of The Crown – playing who?

3. Psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller said he would use his telepathic powers to ensure what?

4. Who tweeted a message of support for Miss Drag UK pageant finalist Ben Tye, also known as Amber Dextris?

5. Who apologised for drinking a mojito on public transport in London more than 10 years after alcohol was banned?

6. Downing Street aides planning Donald Trump’s visit were told to keep Presidential meetings short because after 30 minutes he …what?

7. What did the Treasury reprieve, saying they will continue to be used “for years to come”?

8. Why was Housing Secretary James Brokenshire publicly roasted?

9. What was a McDonald’s near a rally addressed by Nigel Farage asked by police not to sell?

10. What was Arnold Schwartzenegger referring to when he said: “It’s like a documentary that’s going on too long”? 

11. Boris brandished what at his last Tory Leadership hustings?

12. The University of Reading named a baby llama what, the same day Boris was elected Conservative leader?

13. Boris’s director of communications, Lee Cain, used to dress up as what for a tabloid newspaper? 

14. Who described the late Queen Mother as an “overweight, chain-smoking gin drinker” while at a conference in Australia?

15. Who got a 2.7 per cent pay rise to £79,468 a year while their staff got an average of 1.5 per cent on much lower salaries?

16. Boris’s partner Carrie Symonds, in her first public speech since moving into Downing Street, spoke about what?

17. Dilyn, a Jack Russell-cross puppy that moved into No 10 with Boris Johnson, is of a breed that all descend from an 1819 bitch called what?

18. Boris likened himself to the what comic book and screen creature?

19. Which shadow minister told an LGBT conference that 90 per cent of giraffes are gay?

20. Who stood down as Commons Speaker after 10 years and demanded an apology over claims that he asked for £1m to appear on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

21. New Speaker Lindsay Hoyle brought his two cats Dennis and Patrick to help deal with what?

22. Boris refused the offer of what in Nottingham, saying: “I’m fat enough”?

23. Retiring MP Tom Watson, who had lost eight stone as part of his fitness regime, was replaced with restauranteur Brahim Dogus who had founded what?

24. Former Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt abandoned election door-knocking in Portsmouth North in favour of what?

25. Channel 4 replaced no-shows Boris and Nigel Farage with what during a debate on climate change?

26. Jeremy Corbyn claimed he always watched what on Christmas Day morning?

27. Who predicted she would become PM but instead lost her seat?

28. Name the fake aristocrats who got into an altercation at the count in Boris’s Uxbridge seat. 

29. Which of the following did Boris NOT do on the election trail: briefly steal a reporter’s mobile phone, do a milk round, dodge questions by hiding in an industrial fridge, drive a JCB through a polystyrene wall, or lose.

30. The Downing Street Christmas tree came from Scandinavia, Dartmoor or Chernobyl?


1. Countdown’s Rachel Riley 2. Margaret Thatcher 3. Jeremy Corbyn never becomes PM 4. Theresa May 5. Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott 6. Starts doodling 7. 1p and 2p coins 8. He was photographed in his home kitchen boasting four ovens 9. Milkshakes or ice cream in case they were used as missiles. 10. Brexit 11. A kipper 12. Jeremy 13. A big yellow chicken 14. Nigel Farage 15. MPs 16. Saving puffins 17. Trump 18. The Incredible Hunk 19. Dawn Butler 20. John Bercow 21. Rodents in the House of Commons 22. Doughnuts 23. The British Kebab Awards 24. Local boozers – she invited her constituents to join her in the pub 25. Melting ice sculptures 26. The Queen’s Speech – it’s broadcast in the afternoon 27. Lib Dem ex-Leader Jo Swinson 28.  Count Binhead and Lord Buckethead 29. Lose 30. Dartmoor

***Scores under 5 – Where have you been over the last year? Prison? Sheppey? In a coma? 6-25 – You take an informed interest in politics and the world about you. Over 25 – You need to get a life.

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