Because everyday should be a PJ day!

For those who’ve missed my blog the last few weeks, yes, I’ve been in hibernation! I would say due to the January blues, most likely as a result of committing to dry January, thankfully now complete and pleased to say successful! Now where did I hide that bottle of Kew Gin? And I must pick up another bottle of Fevertree Elderflower Tonic on the way home. But that’s not the reason for me hibernating, no it was all thanks to a rather wretched dose of the flu! On the plus side, it’s meant several days curled up on the sofa for the most part. Drinking copious amounts of local honey infused drinks to ease that rather painful throat and at least give my husband some respite from the incessant coughing. Although a six month old, rather hyper and very adorable pup may have caused me to venture out a few more times than I’d like but hey, I was grateful for the vitamin D, even if it did mean slipping out of my favourite new PJ’s so as not to offend the neighbours! OK, I have to admit, there was the odd morning when the jacket and boots went on with the PJ’s but when there not just any PJ’s but none other than Desmond & Dempsey PJ’s why on earth would you ever wear anything else!


Yes, my new favourites, that are rapidly multiplying, so much so I’m having to make more draw space, are the beautifully designed PJ’s from a rather young British Brand Desmond & Dempsey.

They are made for the weekends. Lazy Sunday mornings, with a large cup of coffee and the morning papers. In fact make that lazy Sunday’s! Or better still weekends. In fact I’m defining to think everyday should be a PJ day! And they are certainly the perfect excuse for a rather chic duvet day! Yes, Sunday mornings never looked so good, even with a gin induced hangover!

Think Wes Anderson Darjeeling Limited and you’re some where close to these perfectly tailored, uber chic PJ’s. The prints so brilliantly retro, in there muted, sun bleached shades, the light weight cotton, as crisp as newly laundered bedsheets and the fit! Well for me, they are absolutely perfect. I could literally slip out of my Brora cashmere socks and don a pair of Rupert Sanderson heels and totally rock these as day wear. OK, maybe that’s one step too far for a freezing cold February day but who said anything about going out.

Better still they are a perfect excuse for a PJ themed evening. Now dry January is out the way, time for a girls night in, or out

And with valentines just around the corner what could be a more perfect gift? If only I hadn’t bought most of the line already, but I’m sure I can find room for at least 1 more pair. Or maybe two! Think it’s time for a few more hints

And it works both ways, yes, looking for the perfect gift for him, then look no further. Time for a little his and hers shopping I think

So if your looking for a perfect Valentines gift or simply feel the need to indulge in a little retail therapy then take a look at this Great British brand, Desmond & Dempsey and happy shopping. Oh and enjoy that lazy Sunday!

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