Fever? I’ve just the tonic!

When it comes to a quintessentially British, post work, evening or afternoon tipple, OK, lets make it a lunch thing, I’m sure you’d agree there is nothing quite like a G&T to calm the mind and blur those thoughts of excel spread sheets. Yes, the only kind of pivot table I’ll be engaging in once the laptop firmly shuts for the day is the Lazy Susan variety at the local Chinese.

Yes, as I write this weeks blog on the commute across London this evening, there is only one thing on my mind to escape the Baltic temperatures outside and that’s a crisp, cold, yes cold, G&T, and who cares that it’s due to be minus 3 out there. There is nothing quite like an ice cold G&T to warm the sole, regardless of the temperature out there. And what could be better when I eventually make it home? (My rather numb fingers crossed that there isn’t yet another train delay or cancellation this week! Good old London transport!) Knowing that the heating is on, I have my Desmond & Dempsey PJ’s to slip into, ooh and did I mention I may have just ordered another pair! Eeek, my secrets out, but when they’ve just announced a collaboration with The Artists Residence, with a design that makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland, I’m in! Yes, Brora cashmere socks at the ready and log burner good to go and I’m planning the perfect evening in, curled up on the sofa, with a G&T in hand. And in true Alice fashion ‘drink me’ seems rather appropriate this evening! 

And there’s just enough of that exquisite Kew Organic Gin to do the trick, but what to have with it? Well, that’s simple, a little Helen Read Therapy to top the evening off nicely, and which comes in the form of a rather generous measure of Kew Organic Gin with its perfect partner; Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic, served over ice of course, with a generous twist of pink grapefruit zest. Does that count as one of my five a day? But seriously, why didn’t I discover this sooner! Possibly not a bad thing, but seriously, Elderflower Tonic! It’s a revelation and there’s no going back on this one, it’s the only way to drink Kew Organic Gin and the guys at Fever-Tree have nailed this one, a match made in Gin heaven!

The once medicinal quinine drink, now my perfect evening Tonic and I’m feeling the benefits just thinking about it.

Yes, we all need a little sparkle in our lives and for me it comes in the form of a perfectly chilled Fever-Tree bottle, the perfect British Tonic for my very British Gin. And all thanks to the brilliance of Charles Rolls and Tim Warrilow, back in 2004, whilst the rest of London was making Gin, they saw the perfect opportunity to mix things up a little. With all that gin as a result of the gin renaissance why not create the perfect mixer and so they did. Move over Schweppes, there’s a new Tonic in town and it’s named Fever-Tree and it’s certainly made its mark!

A tonic of choice for every gin with a variety of options to choose from, the fun part deciding which flavour tonic pairs with your choice of gin the best. Any excuse to poor another! Hmm, looks like I’m running low on Gin, maybe time to pick up another bottle.

So whilst picking up this week’s shopping, or ordering it online, make sure your stocked up on gin and treat yourself to a selection of Fever Tree tonics and once it’s all unpacked, pour your self the perfect G&T, put your feet up and enjoy a great British Product from Fever-Tree. Go on, you know you deserve it, it’s just the tonic!






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