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90% of our lives take place within our homes. We opt for nights in over nights out, and takeaway over restaurant meals. With Netflix giving us home cinema, and deliveroo providing the grub, why would you want to leave the house? With it slowly becoming the norm to stay in, we are becoming ever more invested in the way our homes look. They must be the epitome of comfortable, but encompass the best of beauty and practicality as well. When a member of the love triangle goes missing problems begin to arise. White kitchen cabinets? Uncovered leather sofas? See through curtains on the ground floor? These are all features of home design that score 2/3 on essentials, and if you need to ask why then this article can’t help you.

I got the chance to speak with Lizzie from Coates & Warner to talk about the essentials of a home and how his company are providing you with all your basic British needs for beautiful British homes. Home begins at your front door and everything from that point should make you relax. From the first knock to the dropping of bags and shoes, you should feel comfortable and at ease. Trends for this season according to Andy are everything nature, so natural materials, colours, and patterns that reflect the elements.

What did you feel you couldn’t find when you were shopping for your first home?

“We struggled to find high quality, stylish homeware at an affordable price. We both have a background in design and an eye for the latest trends, but we also adore classic, natural materials and traditional craftsmanship. Therefore, we combined our collective career experience and decided to launch Coates & Warner to bridge this gap.”

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

“We are always on the look out for something new and unique. We regularly visit trade shows and use trend forecasting tools to aid us in our search for something new and different to what is on the high street.”

Why are natural products important to you and what would you say to customers about the importance of keeping it natural?

“We are proud to announce that the majority of our products are lovingly handmade and produced using ethically sourced, high quality materials. We care about where our products come from, and we want to minimise the impact on the environment. Even down to how we package our customer deliveries; all our boxes are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and use recycled packaging tape. By running our business this way we are playing a small part in looking after our environment for future generations.”

Where do you produce your products?

“Where possible we always try to source British products. We are proud of supporting British businesses and we manufacture our cushions ourselves. Our products that are manufactured over-seas are often designed in the UK, where designers work with artisans supporting and celebrating their skills. Each piece we select tells a story and we seek to empower these artisans to make a living from their skills and create better lives for themselves.”

What would your interior design advice be for people moving into their first home, which of your products would you recommend as a must have?

“When inviting friends and family to visit your home, the first thing that they see is the front door. We recommend adding some charm and character with our enchanting door knocker creatures. Don’t let your front door be a forgotten part of the home. Also, comfort is key when moving into your first home; so adding cushions and throws to a sofa or bed can instantly transform a space from practical to inviting. We have found that if you invest in the quality of your homeware, then you are generally guaranteed it’ll last longer. Coates & Warner offers quality, with affordability.”

What colour scheme trends and themes are you noticing or starting?

“This Summer we have noticed a lot of natural materials being used such as mango wood, wicker, unbleached linens and earthware, creating a relaxed, rustic look. As well as a change in materials, we have noticed a lot of colour and embellishments applied to this season’s trends. Such as dusky blush pink shades, olive greens, deep nautical blues and geometric prints. There has also been a rise in foliage; house plants are creeping their way back indoors with botanical terrariums, hanging planters and bold hand-blown glass vases. Tableware has become quite simple and minimalist with a modern Scandi influence. For example, our new ‘Salt’ collection from ‘Broste’ is a simple white range that features a signature striking black hand painted rim.” 

What makes a house a home? 

Filling your home with personal mementos, like your favourite books, photos of loved ones and past holidays instantly makes a house feel homely. However, at Coates & Warner we like to offer products that can help create a space that feels more homely. Fall back into one of our gorgeous velvet and linen duck feather cushions, or cosy up in one of our soft Scandinavian style blankets from ‘Weaver Green’. We also love lighting candles at the end of a busy day; it creates softness in a room and the perfect atmosphere. We are currently in the process of launching our own scented soy wax candles, handmade by us, so keep a look out for those! And finally, creating memories in your home is pretty important, so we suggest hosting a dinner party with friends and use our fabulous tableware!”

I think a key tip to take away here is that quality really is worth it in the long run. If you spend on something you really like, that will really last you won’t be replacing it every year. There is a lot in the media right now about our sleep hygiene and habit hygiene; don’t eat by the TV and don’t work in bed (oops) there is a lot to be said for it. Fill a living room with gorgeous cushions and throws, protect them from chicken tikka stains by eating in your built for purpose kitchen; don’t work in bed, because bed is a sacred place for sleep. Check out the website and give your home a summer makeover, keep it British.


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