GAMING companies have become very adept at marketing and hyperbole over the years.

With a willing audience of fans pouring over every rumour and announcement, it’s not hard to build some hype for an upcoming video game release.

But even by industry standards, there have been a few bold claims by marketing folk in the past week or so.

First EA revealed through a Morse code message left in a secret room that fans discovered in Battlefield 1’s Fort de Vaux map that the series would “never be the same again”.

That message spelled out a big reveal to be made on May 23, so we should find out the answer to this little riddle then.

The next Battlefield is rumoured to be called Battlefield V and set in World War Two, which would hardly justify the “never be the same again” tagline. Perhaps they plan to jump on the Fortnite and PUBG bandwagon and announce a new Battle Royale mode for the series. Or reveal a Virtual Reality version of the game, which would certainly be ground-breaking.

Another game to be surrounded by rumours of a big announcement is Nintendo’s first-person shooter Splatoon 2.

Japanese magazine Jump tweeted out that there would be an announcement about the game on June 9 that would “shake the world”.

Now, Splatoon 2 is a great game with a healthy following – but I can’t see any announcement Nintendo could make that would cause even the slightest tremor in the global equilibrium.

Unless Nintendo said they were breaking with tradition and releasing one of their first-party games on other consoles? Splatoon 2 on PlayStation 4? Super Mario Odyssey on Xbox One?

The world would be well and truly shook if that was the case – although Nintendo have distanced itself from the tweet, saying there is no big announcement. Time will tell.

ONE game that was hyped up without the developer’s consent was Rage 2, which Walmart revealed in its upcoming game release section on its website.

The original Rage came out in 2011 and nobody was expecting a sequel – especially not when publishers Bethesda quickly mocked Walmart for their gaffe.

But, lo and behold, a few days later Bethesda released a trailer for the game, which they had been presumably saving to announce at next month’s E3 conference in Los Angeles.

Rage was a decent game let down slightly with its disappointing ending but if you like shooters and Mad Max: Fury Road-style post-apocalyptic car combat, Rage 2 will probably be worth checking out.

Speaking of Mad Max, the developers behind Rage 2, Avalanche Studios, made the recent Mad Max game, so should be dab hands at wasteland carnage.

NINTENDO have announced plans for their upcoming paid-for online service – and they are as woeful as you’d expect.

I have a theory that when Nintendo conducts job interviews, they can’t bring themselves to turn anyone away.

So those job applicants that show talent and skill are set to work making the exquisite video games that have defined Nintendo’s existence.

And the hopeless interviews are put to work in the company’s online department.

That theory of mine was solidified this week when the Japanese gaming giant announced that it will be charging people £3.49 per month or £18 per year for the right to use its online gaming.

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