Are healthy eating programmes a help or a hindrance?

Indulge me for a moment whilst I make a list: – Food Unwrapped; Sugar Free Farm; Health Food Junkies; How the other half eat; How to lose weight well; Superfoods the real story; Food secrets; The truth about healthy eating…

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I guess you’re picking up the theme here. Yes, it’s the avalanche of conflicting, confusing, contradicting advice that is wheeled out night after night on mainstream TV. These sage words of wisdom are dispensed nowadays in greater quantities than Doctors hand out antibiotics to the insistent, sniffling hypochondriacs that clog up our GP’s surgeries.

Are these TV programmes doing us a service? Providing the, ignorant, lazy or stupid with sound advice and guidance on how they can stop being a burden on the NHS and extend their miserable lives a little longer? Or are they simply filling up air time? Padding to wrap around lucrative advertising slots so that greedy multinationals can sell us what they want us to think we need? Diet Pills, Good bacteria drinks, Soya Milk, Quorn, fat burning supplements…

Whatever the reason, its infuriating. Anybody with a little intelligence knows that if you move more and eat a balanced group of foodstuffs, you will be OK. If you are too stupid or ignorant to recognise the obvious, then go on, keep eating at Greggs every day and see what happens. Now, I am not speaking here from some moral high ground as a honed, toned, ripped health guru – quite the opposite. If anyone needs to heed the message of getting fit and healthy it is this Grumpy Dad. But what I object to is the bombarding of the masses with so much detailed, often conflicting, health propaganda. It just serves to confuse people and inevitably makes them feel more miserable than they did already.

Add to this the weekly health scaremongering stories in the media, then it’s no wonder people just give up and head for the KFC.

Bacon, Wine, Sausages, Ham, Butter, Salt, Sugar – in fact all Carbs –  are just a few of the many foodstuffs touted as being bad for us in some way. And to screw our brains even more, they come up with the same foodstuff being both bad and – later in another study – good!

 I have a message for the do-gooders trying to dictate how we live our lives. Back off with the “eat this and you will live to be a 100”, or the “This is good for you, wait, now it is not” messages. Let the people with a modicum of common sense work things out for themselves or do research if they want more information. And let the rest keep their local takeaways in business and hope they eventually have the decency to simply drop dead before they bring down the NHS!

There is a bit of “The Grumpy One” in all of us. I hope to help you get in touch with yours!


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