GBD yearns for a time when life was simpler – and real!

WHEN I was a child, I used to meet my friends down at the park. We would meet up and chew the fat about life, how our friends were, who fancied who and so on. It was fun, safe, simple, real, current and effective.

Fast forward a couple of decades and we were given social media. OMG! (as they say in this world). Real, direct communication has almost disappeared. Instead we have this inane, worthless stream of unnecessary opinions pushed out there on the world wide web and social networks for all to read and comment on.

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, and blog sites all serve to provide – and in many cases drive – opinionated ramblings from the masses.

Suddenly, rather than looking for an ear down the pub to listen to their rants, they have an anonymous media that allows them to waffle on unimpeded. Yes, the irony of this statement is not lost on me.

What is the actual purpose of social media? What does it give to modern society? It is an amazingly powerful tool that each one of us should take the time to stop, think, and consider how it can be used for good.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most people think it’s there so that you can…

  • Proffer your opinions on the latest political /economic /celebrity news
  • Tell those in your ‘friends’ list just how much you are happy with life, blessed with perfect children; in love with your spouse; having a great birthday party for your little Oliver; having a wicked weekend in Centre Parks /by the sea /up Snowdon /in Kenya (delete as appropriate)
  • Bore all your friends with tedious pictures of your children in a park/school play/paddling pool/walking the dog
  • Forward the “I do XYZ to support the eradication of ABC disease”
  • Like and share a message to show that you love your son/daughter/mum /dad
  • Embarrass yourself because you’re a bit drunk and should not really be using social media
  • All the above

Yes, I know that free speech is a right. But come on! Do I really care if you had a wonderful evening in your garden with your best friends and all your lovely perfect children?

Do I need to hear your over-opinionated views on current political affairs or the latest sensationalised news story? No, thank you!

In 2017, people complain that the media creates unachievable images of what normal is. Yet the same people then post their own edited images of their own lives.

Helicopter selfies (don’t forget to pout), Snapchat features (bunny ears . . . really?); photos taken 17 times and only the best one posted . . . this is not real or normal. It is fabricated and artificial.

I long for the chance for my children to be able to experience life as I did, in the real world – away from cyber bullies, fake news, unnecessarily extreme opinions. Real-life not a virtual one.

But I must accept that it seems these days are gone.

And now, this blog goes off to get posted social media. Ah the irony!

There is a bit of “The Grumpy One” in all of us. I hope to help you get in touch with yours!



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