Welcome to British Product’s new blogger, Grumpy British Dad (blogging every Monday)!

Welcome to British Product’s new blogger. Guaranteed to cheer you up and keep you smiling every Miserable Monday, we give you ‘Grumpy British Dad’

GrumpyBritishDad – What’s he on about?

Grumpy is funny – Angry is not.

Run ragged by my Children (but kept “mostly” sane by a wonderful wife)

Under constant bombardment by unwanted and inane advertising

Made even more miserable by Britain’s weather

Permanently amazed by the sheer stupidity of so many people

You know when I was a boy, things were all so much better

Bewildered by the complexity of modern life

Repulsed by the way humans treat the planets other living things

Incensed by the vacuous wastes of space that are “TV Celebrities”

Tired of nanny state interference on how to live my life

In constant search of that perfect work / life balance

Smiling in the face of adversity

Holding on to the hope that one day, “normality” will be restored in the world

Driven mad by the challenges of travelling – both in Britain and beyond

Annoyed by the squandering of my hard-earned taxes. Spend it smarter!

Dreaming of my own island far away from all the above (Except my family)

The stupidity and craziness of modern life is food to all those Grumpy men and women out there. I tend to rant about most of the above. Maybe some of these rants will strike a chord with you. Keep an eye out for future blogs.

There is a bit of “The Grumpy One” in all of us. I hope to help you get in touch with yours!

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  1. There are a lot of valid points there GBD!
    look forward to hearing more in the coming weeks 😉


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