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Our world has changed more in the last 100 years, than it has ever done in human history. Our lives have become filled with an unprecedented level of sophistication, and excess; that would have been deemed impossible to those who built the foundations of our current society all those years ago.

Consumerism is a bug that has built our economy, employed our population and created a new form of self-expression; as well as a means of expressing our understanding of those around us. Regardless of your personal values, it is an undeniable example of evolution.

However, as production and materials become cheaper, the initial philosophy of giving to express has devolved into giving only to improve one’s own self-image. Giving selfishly.

Have we not all done that trip to Tesco to buy a bottle of Prosecco in order to keep up appearances? Our forefathers, who gave precious stones that they had guarded audaciously for a lifetime, or who gave up land that they had fought for in order to express love, respect and affection would shake in their graves to see such empty, pointless demonstrations of power with no conviction.

Not all gifts are random bottles of white wine from cold supermarket shelves. And not all cakes have been revived from the vicious, yellow labelled going out tomorrow section.

For some truly exceptional and unique objects, that can encompass all the love you desire to convey; visit Hamper Lounge.

This is not simply some craft beer and fancy biscuits in a box. This is anything you want. Not just for every occasion, but for every personality, every sister, every in-law, every Sam and every Jo.

What began as a flower business (Sherree Francis Flowers) has blossomed into a hub for exceptional gifts, all in the spirit of impressing those we love.

I have had the pleasure of receiving some Hamper Lounge products myself and now I have discovered them, can highly recommend.

This is the hamper for any cocktail enthusiast, QUAI SUD mixes are the spice of life, and are super easy to prepare. I received four for my Birthday years ago and would recommend them as a gift for any 21st or graduation. They make fantastic tasting drinks and decent quantities (usually 1L). With this hamper you also get some exquisite spirits to mix them with and your very own cocktail shaker. While you can buy these easily from anywhere, the quality of this one by Viski will give you a strong grip and ensure all that ice gets properly smashed. It also has a built in strainer (very handy by the time you are on your third cocktail).

Plum and Ashby is another showstopper, although this time not from Great Britain itself. The brand makes all its products in England to an incontestable quality. As a person with extremely sensitive skin, Plum and Ashby in particular gave my bath-time a new lease of life.

As well as supplying many British brands to the public, Sherree brings great European brands to Great Britain and acts as a quality checker for both sides.

My personal favourite hamper (hint for friends and family)

because what is life without coffee? And having worked in a coffee shop, I must insist that coffee, be really good coffee.

I also asked for Sheree’s advice for Mother’s, to finish of our week long Mother celebration. she advised the Spa products so I have here the ULTIMATE surprise for mum hamper, for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and ‘Hey mum I just really love you’ days:

The appropriately named, ultimate spa box contains:

Green Fig & Lavender Body Lotion by Plum & Ashby.
Seaweed & Shea Butter Soap by Plum & Ashby.
Honey & Jojoba Hand Cream by Plum & Ashby.
Seychelles Body Wash by Lavender & Lillie.
Venice Body Lotion by Lavender & Lillie.
Dover Street Soap by Lavender & Lillie.
Orange & Cedarwood Organic Body Scrub by Nathalie Bond.
Extra Sensitive Organic Soap by Nathalie Bond.
Extra Sensitive Organic Skin Balm by Nathalie Bond.
Lemon & Ginger Lip Balm by Mirins Copenhagen.
Rosemary & Grapefruit Lip Scrub by Mirins Copenhagen.
Purify Body Wash by Mirins Copenhagen.


Feel free to add a cheeky bottle of champers if you’re feeling flush

“The hampers and gifts offered by the current UK hamper companies are very generic. A lot of the products that are in the hampers are readily available in most supermarkets. I wanted to create hampers with products that were special and support small businesses at the same time”

Sherree provides a side of Britain quite often only available from boutique stores in Kensington, to everyone around the world. Whether that’s Dorchester chocolate or Scotch whisky, it’s only a click away. Rest assured Hamper Lounge can make any giving extra special. Enjoy the best, enjoy British.


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