Why not gift a little British Heritage this Sunday and wishing all those wonderful mothers out there a very happy Mother’s Day.

Well, now we’ve all just about recovered from the Beast from the East and Storm Emma, we can all get excited again at the prospect that spring is almost here!


And as the first of the blossom makes an appearance and the crocuses and early daffodils appear to have just about survived last weeks big freeze, it’s time to start and celebrate our great outdoors as we finally get a glimpse of the sun again.

Yes, time to step out of hibernation, hide away that over insulated arctic parka for another year and celebrate the fact that the it’s just about day light now when you get up in a morning. OK, so maybe packing away the thermals is a little premature as I discovered this evening! Nothing like a day of blue sky and sunshine to lure me into thinking I can loose a few layers, oh how I wish I’d had that Parka with me at 10pm on the platform at Clapham Junction! And always the optimist, I’m sure I will make the same mistake tomorrow and why not! Spring is definitely in the air readers even if more snow is forecast for some of you this weekend.

Speaking of which, if international women’s day wasn’t enough of a cause for celebrating all you wonderful women out there, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday! And if you’re still looking for the perfect last minute gift for the inspirational women in your life, then here’s my suggestion. Thinking of flowers? Then why not think a little differently and treat her to a membership to her favourite botanical gardens. Mine? It has to Kew Gardens of course, where I can easily while away an afternoon getting lost in the beautiful grounds and glass houses, as I try and convince myself I can turn those minuet London sized boarders that grace the edges of our minuscule concrete back yard (garden in my eyes) into an award winning Chelsea display! Yes, through my rose tinted spectacles, even the weeds in our bijou little yard suddenly look exotic.

And what could be a better source of inspiration than the enchanting Kew Gardens! Founded in 1840 as a national botanical garden, the history of Kew Gardens dates back to 1772 and with over 30,000 living plants in its collection, there are plenty of reasons to keep going back. 

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, Kew Gardens is also one of this countries World Heritage Sites, as listed by UNESCO in 2003.

But if membership isn’t your thing, fear not, there are other options! Why not consider adopting a seed from their world renowned Millennium Seed Bank. Or simply plan a perfect day out with that truly inspiring women in your life.

And it gets better! One for the Gin lovers out there, and yes I know this may have had one or two mentions in my previous blogs, but seriously every drinks cabinet should include a bottle of Kew Organic Gin! A personal favourite when it comes to British Products and how I will be toasting my mother this weekend, so why not do the same the choice is yours and all that remains is for me to wish all those wonderful mothers out there, a very Happy Mother Day from all at British Products.










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