Could Saturday have been anymore perfect (hangover aside)?! And as the media storm clouds finally parted Harry and Meghan were quite literally blessed with a truly perfect day. And oh my, did it deliver!

The big question on everyone’s lips was would it compete with that epic moment that saw Kate steal our hearts? Who can forget that first glimpse as she arrived at Westminster Abbey, stepping out of the wedding car, onto her oh so regal red carpet. She wore the most elegant wedding gown imaginable, captivating us all in that fairy-tale moment which was like a dream come true.

And it wasn’t just Kate’s moment that day, as with any such hotly-anticipated dress reveal.  When Kate placed her delicate, handmade lace pump onto that plush, red carpet, the fashion world looked on in awe as that exquisitely designed gown made its first appearance and Sarah Burton left a lasting impression on the world.

It was no real surprise that the dress was designed by Alexander McQueen’s Creative Director, Burton. McQueen had long been a favourite British designer of Kate’s and as royal tradition states a Royal bride must choose a British designer for her big day. And following in the iconic style steps of Princess Diana, it was rather fitting that Kate would choose one of our most iconic British designers for her big day.

And it didn’t disappoint, could a bride be any more elegant than Kate on that day? Fair to say, Megan had a hard act to follow.
Kate’s McQueen gown, was a perfect marriage of British design and craftsmanship on a truly magnificent scale, not surprising when it comes to McQueen, as their attention to detail on any normal day is usually off the scale! A celebration of more than just two people in love but of some of the incredible talent and creativity this country has to offer. That exquisite lace, beautifully hand-stitched by the very talented team at The Royal School of Needlework, based at Hampton Court and which (rumour has it) included symbolism to the British Isles with the inclusion of the national emblems for the four countries in the UK.

If you didn’t know who Sarah Burton was before that day, you certainly did once Kate stepped out of that car.

And it didn’t stop there. No, if Burton hadn’t already gained enough interest for the McQueen brand that day, then along came Pippa! If she was worried about being left in her sister’s shadow that day, she shouldn’t have, as she also made her mark on the world that day in that bridesmaid dress! Now that was a show stopper and yes, another McQueen gown.

And yes, there was a hat trick! Not that Burton needed it that day, dressing the future queen in one of the most exquisite wedding dresses we’ve ever seen. Kate wowed again in her evening dress and of course, it was another McQueen gown.
Sarah Burton we applaud you, it was a day of fairy tales, creatively imagined by one exceptional, great British designer.

So all eyes were on Miss Meghan Markle this Saturday with one very hotly-anticipated dress reveal and wow was it a surprise! Rumours were rife in the weeks running up to the wedding but did we hear anyone guessing it would be a bespoke Givenchy gown, designed by another exceptional British Designer, Artistic Director at Givenchy, Clare Waight Keller?

And oh my, we may have been expecting a little Hollywood glamour on Saturday but that was saved for the guest list as it was pure understated glamor. It was so perfect for the occasion as Meghan looked truly graceful as she slipped out of that Rolls Royce Phantom VI onto the steps at St George’s Chapel in Windsor in that serene solo entrance that was simply breath taking.

It was a truly captivating moment, winning our hearts and possibly breaking a few others, as we watched on in awe as Britain’s most eligible bachelor finally tied the knot. There was not a doubt in that moment that Meghan was his perfect match and as the sun shone in all its glory it was another fairy-tale day for the Royals.

And if one great British designer wasn’t enough to celebrate that day, then Meghan gave us another show stopper as she and Harry made their way to the evening celebrations. Meghan delivered again with another sensational dress reveal, this time in a British Product favourite, Stella McCartney, with that stunning gown, a nod to the Hollywood glamour we’d hoped for from Meghan. And the celebration of this great British designer didn’t stop there, no. If that wasn’t enough, the A list of guests that day was topped in the style stakes by the stunningly elegant Amal Clooney also adorned in Stella McCartney, in that statement yellow gown that truly shone.

And yes, there was a hat trick from Stella too, with the legendary Oprah Winfrey in that beautiful blush gown apparently finished at the 11th hour following ‘dress gate’ and it was flawless.

So with spirits high, it was a day of doing what we do best and having a good old celebration, as we all raised a glass or two to Harry and Meghan our new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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  1. so pleased she wore a Stella McCartney evening gown, love Stella’s designs and this dress was just perfect.

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