IF THE thick racist scum that brought shame on Bulgaria this week really spoke their minds, they’d be speechless.

That can be the only reason for spouting such bile – having a vacuum between your ears as big as Cristiano Ronaldo’s ego.

Thankfully England let their football do the talking in Sofia on Monday night and stuck six in the racists’ net.

Racism is a complex issue with a myriad of reasons for such behaviour but that is too often used as an excuse. The bottom line is that if you abuse someone because you believe your race is superior to theirs then you are a stupid, pathetic, feeble-minded, inadequate human.

A few of the pitiful wastes of space in Bulgaria were proudly wearing ‘Hooligans from Sofia’ hoodies – they were the ugliest tops I’ve ever seen, yet it complimented their faces perfectly.

Racism is often a reaction to personal impotence. If you won the random birth lottery of being male, white and heterosexual you were brought up being told – and believing – the world was your oyster.

When success doesn’t land in your lap there is only one person to blame and I’ll give you a clue sunshine . . . it ain’t Raheem Sterling. The racists hate him because he’s the talented, successful, rich footballer they’re not because they possess neither the natural talent; or work ethic of the Manchester City man.

You have got to give credit to the travelling English fans for drowning out the worst of the nastiness with a cracking rendition of God Save the Queen.

Still the Euro 2020 qualifier needed to be halted twice in the first half – the last time two minutes before the break. By then the Three Lions were 3-0 up and to poetically ram the taunts down the racists’ throats it was Sterling who added England’s fourth before half-time. And the frontman was not finished scoring No 5 before he was subbed.

The night should have been about Tyrone Mings completing his football fairytale from living in a homeless shelter, to working in a pub while playing non-league, to full England international. Instead the racists took centre stage. If brains were petrol, collectively they wouldn’t be able to run a flea’s car around a Cheerio.

England have NOT yet qualified for Euro 2020 because Kosovo beat Montenegro 2-0 and Gareth Southgate’s side managed to lose 2-1 away in the Czech Republic in the other fixture of the double header.

It was the first time England had lost a qualifier in 10 years and Southgate’s team selection had to be questioned.

If you think of the bigger teams who have had a nightmare start to the season then Manchester United, Tottenham and Everton immediately spring to mind.

So it made no sense that 80% of our back five who started against the Czechs play for these clubs – and it would have been 100% had Kieran Tripper not swapped Spurs for Atletico Madrid in the summer.

Danny Rose and Michael Keane were found more than wanting at international level so surely it’s time for Ben Chilwell and Joe Gomez to have an extended run in the team. Also while Trippier did pretty well most would agree Trent Alexander-Arnold is the future.

The big worrying is that England are yet to form a real centre-back partnership, it’s getting too late and it will be our downfall at the Euros.

OLD TRAFFORD 2019 is where fun went to die and it does not look like it’s going to get better any time soon with runaway leaders Liverpool next up on Sunday.

The likes of the mighty Cardiff and Crystal Palace, plus genuinely big teams like the Reds, Man City, Barcelona and PSG have all happily skipped out the ground victorious in this calendar year.

That elusive fear factor ingrained in the stadium by the dominant Fergie era has gone, like dust puffed into the air.

The Champions League has been replaced by the Europa League and who would bet against one of the minnows of Partizan Belgrade, AZ Alkmaar or Astana getting a result in Manchester? Eredivisie outfit AZ have already held David De Gea & Co to a 0-0 draw in Holland.

Gone is the outrageous skill of Ronaldo, the blood and thunder of Wayne Rooney, the mesmerising runs of Ryan Giggs and the X-Factor superstardom of David Beckham. Now there’s the petulance of Paul Pogba, the immaturity of Jesse Lingard, the sulkiness of Anthony Martial and the bang averageness of 90 per cent of their squad.

They even seem to be repeating their mistakes. Ed Woodward and Juventus are reported to have reached a ‘broad agreement’ over a January deal for Mario Mandzukic.

It smacks of desperation – another big name past his prime arriving with great fanfare. For every Zlatan Ibrahimovic there have been Bastian Schweinsteiger, Radamel Falcao and Alexis Sanchez-sized mistakes and Mandzukic feels like he will sit with the latter not former.

Why? Well because the Croatian is a 33-year-old who has not played this season, has scored just three goals since last December and endured a 13-game barren spell before finding the net on the final day of last season.

In times gone by United fans would have boasted about another big name joining their ranks but now they have been burnt too many times.

But currently the worst things for fans brought up on quality and dynamism is the sleep-inducing football currently being served up – they should just turn the place into a mattress factory and be done with it.

AND finally England are getting ready for their huge Rugby World Cup quarter-final where they face (dum dum dum – tension building) . . . Rebekah Vardy – not really it’s Australia!

Players and fans adore getting one over the Aussies in the sporting arena more than Donald Trump loves holding rallies for the uneducated with free covfefe and hamberders for everyone.

Eddie Jones’ side have beaten the Wallabies in all of their last six meetings so here’s hoping come Saturday lunch-time we’ll all be in seventh heaven.

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