Leeds Festival Coverage – DJ Riton and Kah-Lo

These two accompany me on my commute into London every morning, so getting to see them live was a massive deal.  Kah-Lo is a Nigerian singer-songwriter from Lagos and Riton is a DJ from Newcastle. Together, they are a jaw dropping EDM duo. They bring dirty electronic dance music together with the movement and rhythm of Africa.

Kah-Lo grew up to the sound of the 90’s and from an early age wanted to perform. She sang her way from Lagos to New York City and somehow ended up partnering with Britain’s very own DJ Riton. They have a really unique aesthetic and sound that will not just make you want to dance, you will want to take on a whole new persona.

Kah-Lo makes you forget about the stereotypes of British awkwardness while describing a standard British night out through her lyrics, ‘I woke up one day and planned to get reckless.’

The pair first broke into house party playlists in 2016, with rinse & repeat and since then it has been a consistent stream of bangers. No album fillers here I am afraid, just solid, quality tunes.

My memory of the event is hazy, but I am pretty sure Riton and Kah-Lo burst onto the stage with Betta Riddim followed by Who has d’ginger; as a side note, both exceptional music videos.

Kah-Lo has a unique and powerful voice, accompanied with a vibrant stage presence. Everything she sings sounds like a command, which is how she worked the crowd in the dance tent. Her bright green hair and her Doc Martens are key to her authentic look.

Riton is in the back raving away and the crowd are doing everything from moshing to taking selfies. It was mental. Any instrumental breaks were solidified with a confident and in time serenade of ‘Boom eh eh eh’ from the audience. I was in pure bliss, singing along and resisting the urge not to climb over the barrier.

This is a really different vibe to the usual – there is a lot more to give from the sound in terms of variety. While even the best tracks can have very recognisable sound effects, listening to Riton and Kah-Lo you will undoubtedly find yourself in new territory: #thatloopwasntincludedinLogic. Riton uses a lot of drone-y sounds, but they have more of a major key vibe than The Prodigy for example, who are the metal equivalent in dance music.

The conclusion of all this is as far as EDM is concerned these guys are ones to watch and Annie Mac approved, may I add. Rhythm, infectious, melody, bold, utterly irresistible and totally essential to the night out/out-out playlist.

Kah-Los twitter: @thatKahLo

Kah-Los Instagram: @thatkahlo

Ritons twitter: @Ritontime

Ritons Instagram: @ritontime

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