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I’m Leonard! I’m the newest addition to British Products New Music Department (BPNMD, a bit like NYPD but ‘more funner’) and I’m super excited to bring you the latest, tastiest British music. I’m currently studying Creative Computing at Bath Spa, but I’m far from a closet geek, in fact I don’t even own a closet!! 😉

I’ve been doing Radio for over a year now, I’ve also previously been a semi-pro gamer! …     Although this is my first time blogging, I couldn’t be more passionate about the subject matter, I love scouting and finding new sounds to shout about from all the media platforms I have access to. I’m hard to please when it comes to music so it’s a good thing Bristol’s music scene is filled with world class musicians.  I won’t be running out of phenomenal bands or artists to tell you about any time soon! I’ve been living here for a while now, and know my way around every nook and crannie so stay tuned for the South West Central (SWC) report.

A recent treasure that has found a home on one of my CD shelves are ‘Little Thief’. This funky rock duo are worth a search engine spree, let us delve deeper down the rabbit hole. I discovered them when a friend took me along to a gig at ‘Mr Wolfs’ (an intimate dance venue in Bristol renowned for its live music and club nights) back in November. The band is composed of Rhii Williams on Drums and Charlie Fitzgerald on Guitar. Charlie takes charge of husky lead vocals with Rhii bringing soft but punchy female harmonies and backing (a match made in music heaven). Although only guitar, drums and vocals come into play, nothing is missing from this perfect picture of sound. The stripped back instrumentation only brings closer anticipated attention to the precision each player puts into place, rhythm so sharp you might get a flesh wound if you stand too close.

LT Final with Logo

So how about some background? Charlie Fitzgerald is a professional musician who currently fronts, writes and runs both ‘Bombs’ and ‘Little Thief’. He’s a busy guy! His vocal is really striking, it’s husky and grungy and grinds against the instrumentation, but without compromising any of the melodic quality. He’s a phenomenal musician (with amazing hair, seriously Beyoncé watch out). His partner in crime, Rhii, is also a professional and impressive musician who specialises in rhythm and drums percussion. At a very young age she would torment her mother by playing drums on pots and pans lying around the house and denting them. Thankfully her family nurtured her love for beats and transposed her talents from kitchen wear to a drum kit.

They have both been scouted individually for their talents, while Chris worked with Clayton Blizzard as one of the original “boys from marketing”; Rhii has written for contemporary dance and theatre productions such as ‘Earthfall and ‘Kitch & Sync’. Their experience is evident through their professional demeanour both on and off stage. Just imagine the sound when two such talented souls should crash together in a rock funk fused bonanza!

This is probably the point where I’m supposed to make some sort of criticism, but honestly the only thing I was upset about after finding their music, is that there isn’t more of it! But as you will hear through their EP, quality over quantity is the focus here. Their visual contribution to music is pretty insane too, their innovative music videos highlight their across the board competency and understanding of their own art. There is no ‘Hollywood magic’ here or blank checkbook, only hard work, ambition and passion.

Oh Look, its BP’s very own Sophie McGinness enjoying the taste of the CD 🙂

Sophie with LT CD with Logo

I just went online to find a link for you guys writing this and got caught up watching another one of their videos! Hold on a second I’ll go back again! Okay here goes, you can find the ‘Little Thief’ Youtube channel at

and you can find the ‘BOMBS’ Youtube channel here:

I can’t wait to hear more from these guys. They are as much a pleasure to talk to as they are to listen to.  Before they blew everyone away at the ‘Pig and Fiddle’ in Bath they were camouflaged into the plush seats at the back and were more than happy to have a quiet chat with me before the gig. What you take from acts like this is that the performance speaks for itself and doesn’t require any primadona accessorised attitude to compensate.

A good musician knows how to make noise, but great musicians know when to be quiet.

I look forward to our next chat! check out ‘Little Thief’ at


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