Love and dating go bad

IS IT really two years since that delicious dinner party scene, the one that undoubtedly was the topic of conversation at office kettles up and down the country the next morning?

The one where Dr Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones) sours the soiree a little by spitting out all manner of dirty secrets with Shakespearean-style aplomb.

Now if you haven’t seen the first series of this mad revenge, high drama from the BBC, catch up quick smart and then come and join me for the start of the second. Doctor Foster returns.

There are few shows that will tear me away from Game of Thrones at the moment (deep am I in season three), but this is one of them and cuddled up on the sofa with my poodle I soon began to feel those customary knots in the stomach and involuntary shoulder hunches as the highly-strung GP was at it again with behaviour that makes for uncomfortable viewing.

If she had been given a pound for every time someone had told her to move on since her husband scarpered with his pregnant mistress, she would have a decent second income.

The action starts with a light-hearted skip. Gemma heads up a medical practice now in the fictional market town of Parminster. She and son Tom are well it seems and smiling and here comes the postman, busy delivering lots of red envelopes to all and sundry. Oh…the gloomy skies gather over Dr Foster once more. Party invites landing on all her friends’ doormats.

Love rat Simon Foster is back – in a house that will make his window cleaner think all his Christmases have come at once with his smug tit-taped new wife (nee mistress) and their corkscrew-haired toddler. Fun times.

Her invite must have been lost in the post? But she decides to show up anyway and after a big glass of plonk and some passive-aggressive goading by Mr and Mrs Foster MKII, our Gemma is soon nosing through the sex toy drawer. So good.

Jones must relish this role as she and her on-screen ex-husband continue with the power struggle. Gemma has sass and intelligence and cunning and has been royally taken down by affairs of the heart. We’ve all been there and what a (Molotov) cocktail it is.

I did feel a little giddy at the amount of times we went around the same roundabout to The Acres, where her nemesis now resides. I had to suspend my disbelief here as would I really break into my former partner’s home for a snoop? I would drive past yes, of course, but park on the gravel drive and take a tour of the kitchen? Ooh no.

After a fraught hour (for me and her), fag in mouth, she is measuring out acid, lining up syringes and swigging from the Pinot bottle. I think that tells you all you need to know.

Writer Mike Bartlett is very clever to poke at the viewer by raising this sadness beyond the seemingly mundane. It is subject matter we are all so familiar with and there lies its success. It is also great to have Neil Stuke back on screen. I’ve always enjoyed his acting and still miss Silk.

The Undateables is also back – and there is an upset early doors.

This feel-good Channel 4 series aims to help people with physical and mental disabilities find love and the clock is ticking for visually-impaired Souleyman.

The athlete, with a degenerative eye condition which means he is slowly losing his sight, wants to find The One before he is completely blind. He even spent some serious dollar on a new shirt for the occasion.

But he was stood up by Christine before he even had a chance. The frowns soon turned upside down however with Gina at the mini golf.

As with so many superstars on this lovely series, I am sure you will be inundated after the episode airs.

Fans of the show will know what I mean when I say the likes of Shaine and Alex and Daniel popped into my head and made me grin. I hope they have found some women worthy of their love and affection these days.

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