Matching Festival Footware ‘Hunter’ to the right festival

When it comes to the perfect festival wellies, there is one wellie to rule them all. The ultimate festivalgoer undoubtedly owns a pair of Hunters. Just for you, British Products have sought out and tested the best Hunter answers to all your diverse festival needs.

For the Raver

This snazzy silver boot has the classic retro style of Hunter with a new lick of paint. This will not only ensure you are the centre of attention on the dance floor but they may even help shine the way back to your tent in the early hours of the morning.

They will keep you feeling like a rave king or queen no matter how much Glasto mud and rain you get cladded with. Water proof, mud proof, and oozing with pizzazz. It’s so shiny I wanna die.

For the Rocker

So you came out the womb with a bottle of red wine in hand, listening to Oasis before it was cool. You are probably going to see the good and the great of music and you are also way too good for the silent disco tent. For this ultra cool, casual, rocked up without a ticket and still got in experience, you need the classic Hunter. Probably in black to match your soul. They will keep your feet warm and dry whatever the weather, so you can keep saying ‘they were better before they got famous’ until the main stage closes.

For the Jazz Festival

You are probably not going somewhere quite as muddy, for quite such a long period of time but you can still get into the festival spirit with some day wellies.

You don’t need to go tall, Hunter have designed this chilled out, half boot for those of us who aren’t getting knee deep in mud.

Why is it jazzy? It’s subtle and attention seeking at the same time, and the bright colours and shine will make you look like you are wearing the music – I recommend the red or purple.

For the Wanderer

Maybe you are going to Burning Man, or that crazy 10 day festival in Bulgaria – in any case, you are travelling and it’s going to be really, really hot.  You need something that can tackle the weather but is also complementing of your wardrobe, as you probably don’t have much luggage space. This is the Hunter boot for you. They are nice and easy to pull on and pull off; and come in two colours that go with pretty much everything. They are a stylish alternative to the Timberland boot; only these will deal with heavy rain better.

Personal Fave and All Rounder

This is my favourite – it adds a splash of colour for those of us who don’t do pastels, it goes with black and these beauties are most certainly joining me on my trip to Leeds this year. They bring a je ne sais quoi to the world of wellies and can politely complement all genres of music.

For the ‘I Am Not Going to a Festival’

You are angry, you are sick to death of people banging on about festivals. You may even have developed a passionate hatred for the people mentioned above, and for me, for writing another festival fashion article. Luckily you can pacify all that negativity with something Hunter made especially for you, flip-flops. Take them on holiday, wear them into town, wear them in your house. Wear them everywhere except to all those festivals that you are most definitely not going to.

Photo credit – Hunter

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