Merchant and Mill’s, turning fast fashion buyers into boutique designers

Do you spend hours dragging yourself from H&M to Newlook; through Primark and Dorothy Perkins; disdainfully scouring, to find something that will identify you as an individual; with a garment that has been produced over one thousand times?

We are all guilty of attempting to conker the same fools errand. Succumbing too flirtatious price tags, and the promise of being on trend, but real trends are timeless, and cannot be found, or made for nothing. They take time, care and quality. Britain is famous for it’s fashion but more so, it’s innovation. Merchant and Mills, brings the too together, giving you timeless, and customisable.




This quote taken from their website, perfectly sums up their product, and their philosophy. They are not simply designers and artists themselves, but they are talent scouts, and treasure hunters, leaving no stone unturned in the search for unique fabrics and patterns.

In an age of instant relief and plaster tactics, we are rearing a generation that will never know the importance of practice, pitfalls, and development. This error however, can of course be rectified. Carolyn and Roderick are not simply selling their own talent but uniquely the prospect of someone else’s. You can purchase a book on sewing, the paper patterns for one of their beautiful designs and a totally unique fabric to make it with.
Although the pair have worked within their industry all over the world, they are now based in the stunning, medieval town of Rye. I dwelled here myself, once upon a time, and have been particularly taken with their piece, ‘The Landgate’ named after the road my flat was on. 

It’s a chic, drawstring jacket pattern, photographed here as a finished article in a very Beatles-esque mustard yellow. It is a unisex, British style, and perfectly adapted to British weather! However I recommend viewing the full selection as they evoke variety and flattery for each individual. After selecting a pattern, you are taken through a journey of fabric section and any extras you may need, including the perfect sewing equipment and (for the less experienced in us), the essential sewing guides.

The portfolio is charming scrapbook from their gift range. It hosts string and eyelet binding,

and wood free paper for the best quality sketching and scrapping. This is not only an ideal piece of stationary for a passionate seamstress but any textiles or fine art student in need of an inspiring home for their works.

This jack tar bag was another favourite from the gift section, a practice, stylish bag that will not let you down with soakable polyester or loose straps; but a reliable, classic, wardrobe addition that will perfect any young, (or experienced) professional’s day-to-day look.



Fashion, like it or not is part of who we are. It is an additional layer of skin we present, naked to the world. It describes us, at least it describes who we think we are, thus displaying the materials on which others will judge us. As we the innovators of the industry are redirecting us away from unsustainable fast fashion it is the artisan artists like that of Merchant & Mills we look to for guidance. Their inspirational legacy in fashion continues with this amazing British product, so get your sewing kit out and order some patterns, make the dress you have always dreamed of, in the colour the highstreet don’t stock.

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