Wasuremono – 忘れ物 – Translates to Something Left Behind… if there has been, we can’t hear it!

Imagine indie cool, with disco drive, gospel harmony, grunge abruptness and a clear expertly executed housey production. The irony of the name of this group is that in their music, nothing has been left behind.

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It can be intimidating to try and grab bands for a word, sometimes they give you half hearted answers to entertain their pretentious entourage, sometimes you get a fake number to rain check, sometimes you get a rude rejection that leaves you questioning your if you are in the right market… But sometimes, you get some quality banter and an insight into sound that breaks the fourth wall Marshall speakers protect as the Queens Guard do Buckingham Palace.

“What is your favorite thing about Britain?” I asked.

“Bread sauce” We were off to a good start. The NHS, medicinal marijuana and Eurovision made the rest of the list of interesting responses.

Madelaine, Will, Pheobe and Isaac bounce off each other like a good game of footy; both on and off stage. You can feel the link of camaraderie between them. The eye contact zigzags round the circle betwixt silver-tongued wit and profound points of view. It is evident that the songs they write are probably written with the same intensity and natural rhythm.

Will is the lead writer and as we got talking about their creative process they made the dreams of songwriters and music fans alike come true in their approach to writing their latest EP ‘Kaboom’.

In this world of technology we can be tempted to start again, click refresh, undo and new file over and over; losing the spark that the initial idea was ignited upon. With every new logic track, a layer of authenticity evaporates only to be lost forever in cyberspace…. Perhaps this is where ‘something left behind’ comes into play. ‘Wasuremono’ do not partake in such music treason, and keep as much of the demo as they can. Protecting and preserving their sound in an organic state.

You can hear this in every title, although clearly modern music, ‘Dog’ for example has all of the effort, dedication and devotion you would hear in an epic progressive rock guitar solo of 70s. Long intros build a scene for the listener and transport them to a dream world.

As can be heard from their recorded music, there is a high level of competence in the studio. Before seeing them perform I wondered how they could pull off such a complex sound live.

“I like the challenge” say Will and Isaac almost simultaneously.

Whether it’s transporting more equipment to gigs or playing synths with their feet they take the steps and paces to deliver what their ‘Soundcloud’ page promises. Rather than complain about new standards and obligations they tackle them. They don’t see barriers; only hurdles and ‘Wasuremono’ are Olympic gold medal jumpers.

After four years brewing (like a good tea) they have developed into something poignant and specific. If we compare ‘X-factor’ prodigies as the soggy McDonalds of the music Industry, ‘Wasuremono’ are a perfectly cooked 16oZ sirloin steak accompanied by home made chips and a fine, oozy peppercorn sauce.

Their live performance provides the same exciting dynamic as their conversation. While Will provides a vocal that changes face and shape with the inborn instinct of a chameleon; low to high, husky to smooth, broken to breaking the ear is never left in a dull moment. His posture over the guitar is almost introverted within the music.  Madelaine attaches herself to the keyboard and the ‘Moog Voyager’ ladytron synth as if it were another part of her anatomy and while our chat occurred with her red hair straight and tidy, it is now ruffled and tussed from her commanding movement that is perfectly synced with the music.  She physically vocalises her instrumentation. The drums, which are blunt in their sound bring a defined harshness to the melodic Guitar, are attacked with sharp defined impact from Isaac. Phoebe is potent to the bass bringing vigour and punch with each beat. In all their facial expressions as they play are as though a matter of life and death was looming. In each instrumentalist you hear variety, calibre and accomplishment as the audience stare, open mouthed. ‘Kaboom’ is a sound explosion that wipes out everything you thought you knew.

Wasuremono1 BP Logo second imageThere is strong dynamic in the group, and the power is almost touchable. The transformation from four friends to four elements of nature is earmarked to watch. Each player has their own stance and influence that contrasts and complements those with whom they play. There is no dominance, no face; there is only wild, wild music.

The band masterfully fills the sonic space, perfectly creating the layers of modern music in a live band setting. ‘Wasuremono’ have created a culture within their music, bringing together strong ideas and influences and blending them into a tapestry that is visually represented by the graphic design talents of the bassist. They are much more than musicians, they are Artists, which behave and act on well-rehearsed and nurtured impulse.  They have a superb set that evokes the obvious but drama and artistic conceptualism as well.

Tribal. Clever. Savagely sophisticated.

Get their album here:


And keep an eye out for the vinyl deluxe release this summer of ‘Kaboom’ (prepare yourselves for the ultimate cataclysm between the old and the new)



If you can’t wait until then, you can get the digital EP here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/kaboom-ep/id1171273715?app=music&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

GO AND SEE THEM LIVE at various venues, not only at our lovely ‘Nest’ in Bath but ‘Farmfest’ music festival which boasts of a variety of acts and workshops in a beautiful part of the country, click here for tickets!


They can also be spotted around the exciting pub and club scene around Bradford-On-Avon that brought this fiercesome foursome together, or check out their music on Soundcloud here:

I look forward to the next time! If you are local or able to make the well worthy trip, their next gig will be held at the Salt Café in Bristol on the 21st of April but click here: https://www.wasuremonomusic.com/gigs for the full list of their events.

As a I final question, I had to ask what was the most ‘British’ thing about their band, I discovered they rehearse in charming back garden and enjoy jam sandwiches, I don’t think anyone can dispute that as a satisfying answer.

Speak soon folks!

Soph x

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