Not all that glitters is gold, but what is gold does glitter!

ALTHOUGH we fantasize of a music industry that glistens in glamour and bathes in only red and blue M&M’s, in reality it operates more similarly to an extremely stressful office.

Have you cleared PRS? Is the copywriting clarified? Have the contracts been signed? Has the photographer been paid? We need another studio session before Friday . . . Where is the guitarist? How am I getting home?

It’s very demanding and involves a lot of hard work. Therefore, it is important to appreciate the gems of success, the achievements . . . the final product. It may be played over only an hour in the car, yet will have had countless unpaid hours of passion, drive, self doubt, self belief and tequila driven into it.

Art is not only a sacred form of expression but it is an embodiment of our ability to devote ourselves to something, that could well be profitless.

Regardless of how successful you go on to become, you cannot put a price on self psychological analysis, press writer, venue coordinator, booking agent, manager, designer, fashion guru, accountant, driver . . .

The list goes on, but James Paterson does indeed tick every single one of these job titles, all the while carrying an effortless and charismatic stage presence. I had the pleasure of attending the launch of his latest album.

Launched at Moles, I was reminded why these gigs are the best of the best. You see something FIRST. And you see it in a way no one will ever see it again.

As the room filled to the support act ‘We are Parkas’, (an excellent band well worth seeing) delivered a contrasting set of what was to come, adding to the musical tension.

James played his songs with poise and emotion, the artwork teamed with each track gave each song an even stronger definition made only better by his heartfelt performance.

He removed himself from the stage towards the end to join the audience; playing a song acoustically without a microphone. It is a compliment to his vocal ability that we could hear him from the back. It was intimate and it was an exclusive exhibition of his talented work .

So onto the juicy bits.

The album is exciting because, for one thing it has been and gone I’m afraid! As it was a 24h only release. But also because each track was attached to a beautiful artifact, these ranged from sculptures of a golden skull to a golden heart. Gold being the theme (I think, unless I’m missing something).

It made everything more touching, as I wandered around the artwork with the music playing behind me, a gig became an exhibition of a concept. And when there is a concept there is more than a competent musician, there is an able artist.

The songs are punchy, with a top class vocal. The production is second to none on this, if you like a really clear clean sound then this is what you are looking for, it is unfaultable.
There’s some wicked guitar licks throughout, particularly the intro to ‘Stop’ which has catchy lyrics and rich rhythms that will force you into movement.

James is preparing for a summer tour in the UK and will be off to the states for August to keep your eyes peeled. There may be a chance to get hold of some of these singles in the near future.

He has been hailed the new and improved Ed Sheeran in the States and he certainly has a plan that will give the charting favorite a run for his money.

He’s armed to the teeth with melodies and infectious statements, from nights out to nights in, he hits our sins on the head with a hammer of soul.

James Paterson everybody!

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