Nothing says he’s the one like a pair of Jimmy Choo’s!

ANY regulars to my blog will know I’ve done well in the gift department over the years.

My husband has a knack of knowing me better than I know myself and buying me the surprise gift I never asked for, yet miraculously it being the gift I always wanted.

Yes, right now his ego and smugness will be reaching new heights as he revels in the glory of his achievements once more, as he reads this in black and white, yes ‘the boy did good!’ And he set the bar high from our very first Christmas together.

Nothing quite like Christmas at my parents! It was always a Peter Pan moment on Christmas morning as I still felt like a five year old. Waking up and running down stairs to see all those gifts under the tree!

How excited was I, despite the fact that then in my late 20’s I had placed most of the gifts under the tree the night before in a champagne induced glaze with the spirit of Christmas at its peak.

The exchanging of gifts would always come once everyone was up with a cup of tea in hand and lashings of smoked salmon on toast on the go which was always lovingly prepared by my father.

This was not a day for counting calories or avoiding carbs! No, the phrase ‘eat, drink and be merry’ reigns supreme.

It was of course a new experience for my then boyfriend (long since husband) but as always he did not shy away from family festivities, embracing our thoroughly British Christmas traditions in all their glory.

Sat under the enormous Christmas tree that would always grace the hall of my parent’s rather grand stairwell, we began exchanging gifts.

Opening family first before moving onto lovingly assembled stockings –a tradition my mum continues to this day.

As we sat in a sea of seasonal Christmas gift wrap, resembling the aftermath of Glastonbury’s pyramid stage, with the beautiful Persian carpet that graced the flagstone floor, taking on the look of a glitter themed Jackson Pollock, my husband had saved the best to last as it was now time to exchange our gifts.

He handed me a beautifully wrapped box that at this point gave no hint as to what lay inside.

As I sat there wearing most of my Christmas gifts, which included a beautiful dress from my mother and mismatched cashmere scarf and socks, I began to carefully peel back the glitter-covered paper and to my surprise the glistening mirrored letters ‘Jimmy Choo’ came into view!

At this point you can image I couldn’t contain my excitement. Yes, I confess, I am a brand whore at heart.

Too many episodes of Sex in the City and a career in design and yes, I was literally skipping around the sitting room in a Jimmy Choo-induced euphoria.

The five year old inside me was now very present and in full swing, as my excitement turned into a rather joyful rendition of ‘I’ve got Jimmy Choo shoes!’

And he got the choice, oh so right, a pair of classic black Romy pumps, a must in any girl’s wardrobe whether its dressing up those skinny black jeans or as your go to ‘partner in crime’ with that little black dress for date night. Quite literally a match made in heaven!

The rest as the say is history and my love affair with the luxury British brand Jimmy Choo continues to this day with one too many pairs finding their way into my wardrobe!

Well, a girl can never have too many shoes or at least that’s what I tell my husband – and those are just the ones he knows about!

Jimmy Choo was educated at the London College of Fashion and his shoes are the very best of British products. They are the perfect gift for your plus one, better half or the girl of your dreams.

And if you just can’t wait for your Mr Right to take a hint or two, then treat yourself, as they are the ultimate indulgence and a girl’s best friend if you’re in the mood for a little retail therapy.

So what are you waiting for? Every girl needs a pair of Jimmy Choo’s in her life! Happy shopping . . .

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