Frozen II released in the UK

BRITISH PRODUCTS will be bringing you gift ideas so you can choose the perfect presents for your loved ones this Christmas. Our reviews, interviews and blogs will showcase not only the best of British but things that the British public have taken to their hearts. We will explore topics of interest including American history, our…

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Sex sells, as any advertising executive knows. Think Wonderbra. Think Cadbury’s Flake. Think almost every TV perfume ad. But at election time, it can be a bit of a liability when politicians are plugging their own claims to decent family values. To say the least. US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri, at the centre of allegations that…

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THE THREE LIONS booked their place at Euro 2020 with a quite ridiculous goal difference of +31 – scoring at a rate Prince Andrew would be proud of.

Gareth Southgate’s side hit 17 goals across three matches for the first time since May 1964 – October’s 6-0 mauling of Bulgaria being followed by victories against Montenegro (7-0) and Kosovo (4-0). Montenegrin Aleksandar Sofranac’s awesome effort at Wembley saw Wayne Rooney’s 53-goals overtaken by ‘oggies’ gifted by wayward opposition players Before the games Raheem…

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The buzzword of this election is “trust.” Who do you trust to deliver promises made on the campaign trail? Who do you trust with our economy, NHS, public services and defence? Who do you trust with the keys to No 10? In that sense it is no different to other contests – I’ve reported every…

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Seconds out…Round three by Ian Hernon

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are like Marmite sandwiches – you either love them or hate them. Both enrage different sections of both the wider electorate and their own party members, and both face questions about their character and fitness for power. (The Lib Dem’s Jo Swinson is more like the blander Vegemite.) Which is…

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ELECTION ROUND TWO… seconds out By Ian Hernon

The general election suddenly skipped Brexit, the NHS and antisemitism and briefly focused on transport. Not the omnishambles record of Transport Secretary Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling – responsible for last winter’s train meltdown and who hired a company with no ferries to handle cross-Channel ‘No Deal’ emergency planning. Instead it was the decision of both Labour…

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