A Truely British Icon – Dr Martens

Britain, has primarily protestant beliefs certainly up until the 1900’s this was a prominent part of British culture, going to work, going to church and visiting the pub in-between. A lot of work, in fact was expected of people during that period in particular so good sensible long lasting shoes were a real essential part…

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Sterling Silver – A British Favourite

If there is one thing Britain does best, its elegance.   The islands possess an endless reserve of sheer finesse.  Every character and product born from our shores oozes its own very individual charm. Britain has become expert in materialising elegance into the everyday lives of its citizens.  From the cars we drive, to the…

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A True Tale of Tartan

A six letter word often invoking the scene of a kilt waring, muscle bound highlander with wild red hair and rugged features, striding across the high pass of a remote highland glen, surrounded by atmospheric mist, with dramatic mountain scenery in the background.  A Braveheart. But what is Tartan, and is it Scottish? Tartan is the…

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Jackets, Jumpers, Tweeds, and Yarns – Shetland Wool

Shetland wool, traditionally produced from Shetland sheep from the Shetland Isles, one of the most distant and remote parts of Britain is famous for its very special qualities. The wool, soft, strong and warm is a unique product which owes in part its particular characteristics to the exceptional location of its island home. The Shetland…

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January 25th – Burns Night

The Burn’s Supper is traditionally held on the 25th January; the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns. It is sometimes called Robert Burns Day or Burns Nicht. Burns Suppers vary hugly from a very formal banquet with much pomp and ceremony to those which are simple gatherings of a few friends around a kitchen table…

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Britain’s Favourite Spy – The Name’s Bond, James Bond

Great Britain has produced some of the world’s most renowned authors over the centuries. From Jane Austen to J.K Rowling there is a British book to suit all every taste in literature; however this article focuses on one of the most notorious British characters ever to have flirted with paper, the infamous James Bond otherwise…

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