The Perfect Saturday night in!

When it comes to entertaining, there is nothing I enjoy more than inviting a few friends over, opening one too many bottles of wine and slaving over a hot stove as the domestic goddess I never said I would be, move over Nigella, before sitting down and putting the world to rights, at the kitchen table.

Yes, in this house, the kitchen in king! Cooking in front of friends and family whilst sharing stories and sipping a chilled glass, or should I say bottle, or two is the perfect Saturday night in. Although they do have a habit of turning into Sunday mornings too once the very British cheese board makes it onto the table, and it would be such a shame for any of it to go to waste so we simply have to stay up until that board is clear and of course our cellar like fridge is drunk dry.

So it’s hardly surprising to hear that when we finally moved back to the UK and put down roots and found our perfect shoe box size London home, we had to have room for the perfect kitchen table and so the search began.

I’d been somewhat spoilt growing up, as my parents kitchen table was built by my grandfather and rather unfortunately was a little on the large size for our London pad, so the search began for the perfect farmhouse table and chairs (yes, I will remain a country girl at heart), and believe me, expectations were high! Yes, the designer in me strikes again. And if that wasn’t enough, when it came to dining chairs, call me fussy but there is nothing I dislike more than an uncomfortable chair that has you squirming in your seat before the starter has even been served. Too many memories of dinners as a child, desperate to leave the table to escape the discomfort of that chair, let alone the painful adult conversation I now revel in at every opportunity. Oh how times have changed! But seriously, if I’m expecting to sit here until the we small hours, then I’m doing it in comfort.

And then it happened! By chance I was staying with friends in Chelsea and on a morning walking into Fulham, I stumbled across a furniture store on Wordsworth Bridge Road, with its perfectly arranged picture window displays, tempting me in, to see what treasures awaited inside..

It was then I entered the world of Neptune. Not new to the market but certainly new to me. I thought I had just walked into my new house, all be it, currently housed in a shop in Fulham! Remind me, what had I come in for,

a new kitchen, oh and that bedroom, that bed, oh and we need a new sofa don’t we? And then there’s the coffee table, and that mirror would be just perfect at the top of the stairs, oh and I love those lamps, and a new dinner service, and… Stay focused! It was a dining table. And chairs, of course the chairs, but which ones? For a moment I thought this would be a Goldilocks and the Three Bears moment with a ‘this one is too hard’ moment, ‘this one is too soft’ and ‘this one is just right’ but they’re all just right!

So after much deliberation the decision was made and the table and chairs ordered, and yes the mirror for the stairs made it and I might have to admit there may have been a few other purchases that day but hey, how could I resist?

Yes, Neptune certainly do what the do incredibly well and the product speaks for themselves. British born and raised at there home in Wiltshire and rather appropriately Neptune started making their very first product at a kitchen table, which really did make it the perfect choice for the heart of our kitchen. And did I buy the perfect chairs? What do you think, of course I did and the proof, way too many late nights spent sat at our table sharing a few too many drinks and plenty of Great British produce.

And it gets better, the perfect cure for those late nights, a rather lazy Sunday morning followed by a Full English of course, with a perfect cup of English Breakfast Tea sat on one of those oh so comfortable Neptune chairs and at our perfect Neptune dining table of course.

So if you are looking for the perfect piece to finish of your forever home or just for now home, then take a look at Neptune for some great British Products and happy shopping!

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