Put Your Parka on Love We’re Going T’ Gig.

DO you love the Arctic Monkeys but hate the arrogance of Alex Turner?

Do you love Indie music but hate being labelled as a sad misunderstood, skinny jean wearing emotional wreck?

Do you like edginess COMBINED with various chip and sauce combinations?

If you have answered yes or no to any of the above, you will be stoked to indulge in We Are Parkas.

This band has already written my favourite song of 2017. It isn’t out yet, but it will be later on this year so watch out for the release of Penny Drop as it is a banger.

Meanwhile, open your ears to the sounds of their EP, We Are The Gods. (Find the link at the end of the article).

Matt, Joe, George and Owen like a drink together as much as they like to play together; photographic evidence depicts Jack Daniels in the bathtub and comical mugs filled with questionable substances, it is all Rock ’n Roll here.

Moving away from their evening antics the dull side of Indie music is like the side of the moon nobody is bothered about seeing.

It plateaus by the end of the intro and contains a rubbish, nonsensical top line to give the false impression of philosophers at work but true music junkies see through the black window of lies.

We Are Parkas, are not sitting on this side of the moon. They are too busy gigging to station themselves anywhere but their music is also much more interesting. So much so in fact it could probably persuade dull moon dwellers to emigrate.

I was actually about to leave Moles, I was ready to give in, put the pint down and head home but in a moment of musical fate We Are Parkas started their set. I decided to stay, called friends down and had several more pints!

For me, this is the perfect mix of Indie and Rock, it’s aggressive but it isn’t hard on your ears and the pace is fast but not rushed.

Everyone hears different sounds of course but to me, fast metal for example overrides my brain and makes me feel like I am listening to a really messy bedroom, but listening to We are Parkas (particularly Penny Drop), sounds like heavy rain in a storm.

There is a lot going on at the same time, but you can identify each piece of the music. It sweeps around your head and cloaks you in thick velvet riffs.

The vocals of Matt are a cross between British Indy and British 90’s grunge.

He can exploit his vocal range and depth when he wants and he can slur and almost spit the lines as he pleases. He adds strong conviction and emotion into the sound and the performance. When vocals are like this they turn the lyrics into monologue, a character is created and portrays exactly the sound you hear. They humanize it.

The production on the EP is really impressive, particularly Swallow Me Whole. The build-up of the vocals from pre-chorus into the chorus is delicate but encompassed within this loud aggravated guitar, which at one point cleverly mimics the melody line of the vocal.

This isn’t a quick project. It wasn’t rushed. You can hear brilliance and ability in every song.

No fillers.

You can listen to We Are The Gods here.

I asked Matt, lead vocalist about when they got their sound.

‘Well we wrote our first song Airoplane in our second practice and we just kinda went from there. The things we were already writing and playing as individuals complimented what we made as a band. We’re just really good friends and get on well. Love a party. Love a bev.”

And would you do anything else? ‘Hmmm… Probably not, we can’t do anything else! I mean Owen works at Schwarz Bros…so I guess he’s pretty good at flipping burgers’

They are a very chilled foursome and easy to talk to. The next goal is to be getting top slots at British festivals and spreading the We Are Parkas sound to new audiences and stages.

They are a treat live, from personal experience it’s what I imagine it would have been like to see early Depeche Mode gigs, slightly intimidating, paired with excitement and a commanding atmosphere.

They maintained this demeanour at Pyjama Fest Acoustically. There is no greater compliment to a band’s sound than demonstrating you can strip back your amps, put on a onesie and pull off the same show.

They will be playing alongside Pretty Vicious at Hoy Festival but follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with gigs near you.

If you’re around Cardiff on the 30th of September get down to HOYfest:

http://www.seetickets.com/event/hoyfest/the-gate- arts-and- community-centre/1099562

And follow the band here:


They have a lust for live and reckoned recorded sound, watch out and put your Parkas on.

‘Yeah, banging’ – Matt Banks 2017

Peace !

Soph x

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