When The Good Life comes right to your door.

Let’s get too it, living in London, the chances of living ‘The Good Life’ (and we’re talking 1970s TV show, not the airbrushed Kimmy K variety that has consumed all our virtual worlds) are pretty slim with our London sized garden, and with an epic waiting list for a not so local allotment, it’s a bit of a distant dream. Although living in the Heathrow flight path and on the main line into Waterloo, and a stone’s throw from the South Circular (pass me the oxygen quick my lungs are wheezing just at the thought) I’m not quite sure I’d really see the health benefits of growing my own, with all this pollution.

A shame really as I’d always fancied myself as a bit of a Barbra (Good Life reference for those who missed the 70’s), although who am I kidding, I’m probably a little more of a Margo of Mortlake than I care to admit, nothing like a handy Malone Souliers heel when I can’t find my dibber for my annual foray into horticultural goddess! Especially after lunch at Petersham Nurseries, where I never seem to be able to leave empty handed.

No, for now it appears my dream of being a self-sufficient gardening goddess will remain a mere pipe dream, until I finally decide to cut the London umbilical cord, which isn’t about to happen any time

So in my quest for finding great British organic produce, reducing food miles and supporting British farmers, I decided it was time to get ordering a weekly veg box from the brilliant Riverford and just like that, the good life came knocking at my door!

The brain child of British farmer Guy Singh-Watson, who converted his family farm to organic in the 1980’s, went on to establish the Riverford home delivery business we know today. Working cooperatively with other organic farms to create this brilliantly sustainable business, delivering delicious produce from farm to table. And bringing my inner Barbra a little closer to the surface, every time I open my door in a Friday morning!

So, if you are looking for ‘The good life’ and some amazing British produce, then look no further, simply down load the seamlessly designed App, take in the calm of the loading page, it’s genius, and with just a few simple clicks, your British Organic Vegetable Box will soon be on its way. Happy shopping!



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