San Gott bespoke British jewellery designer.

Tell me about you?

I grew up in Farnham in Surrey in an all-girls boarding school. The thing I most enjoyed was art classes. This meant I could wander onto the heath on my own and sit under a great old tree and sketch for hours.

I always had a passion for jewellery. I started a “business” in school selling beaded jewellery to my school mates. I’ve always loved gemstones and am fascinated with structure and how things are made. Moran and I met through work. He is a diamond dealer and I was working for a jeweller in Hatton Garden. Moran was our diamond supplier. 

What does your average week look like?

My studio is my sanctuary. The smell of my workshop makes me smile. It’s the combination of metal, polishing compound and fire. All jewellers will understand this scent I am describing…

I have recently picked up gardening. I have a range of potted flowers and shrubs outside my workshop window so now sitting at my bench and looking out is just amazing. I wished I had found gardening sooner.

My daily routine can vary depending if I have errands to run or clients to meet. But generally, I drop Baby off at nursery and then have a morning run in Regents Park with my furry baby, Cavachon Alfie. Then I shower and am in front of the computer by 10am checking emails, making phone calls, designing, meeting clients and/or meeting suppliers.

What are your favourite materials to work in?

I love rose gold and 18kt yellow gold. I love the warmth of the metal. And rose gold is a very complementing metal; it works really well on fair to darker skin tones.

My favourite gemstone will have to be diamonds of course. Looking into a diamond is like looking into a kaleidoscope. You can just get lost in it and dream all day. 

Favourite pieces you have created?

I love all the pieces I make. When you spend so much time making a piece, you can’t help but fall in love with each of them. And it’s always really hard for me to say goodbye to each one. But I love what I do. I get to meet every couple and listen to how they fell in love, how the guy wants to propose and then they come back for their wedding bands. And then their eternity rings, and first baby gifts; it’s a long-standing relationship.

My most favourite part of the job is working with the guy or girl looking to propose. My job is to find out the lifestyle, fashion style and personality and come up with a design that is right. I have not had a fiancé not loving the piece they received so far. So I am doing something right!

Tell me why jewellery is important and why you should invest in a bespoke piece?

First off, bespoke does not mean more expensive. People get scared when they hear the word bespoke. Having a piece made especially for the client means they get exactly what they want and they are an integral part of the designing process. It’s providing a personalised service with a very different type of shopping experience.

What type of jewellery do you wear?

Diamond stud earrings and a diamond line necklace. They are easy to wear. As I am always running around, I am always ready to go from the nursery to meeting clients. 

Who or what are your design influences?

I find inspiration from all art forms. Recently, I’ve been loving the work from a French pastry chef called Cédric Grolet. I love the delicate, repetitive shapes and forms. I’m just imagining the shapes in metal or diamond set.

Have you travelled to see where the stones are sourced?

No I have not. I am more interested and admire the work of gem cutters, especially German gem cutters. The optical results of their innovative faceting technique are just incredible.

Who are you when you are not designing jewellery?

That is a very good question! I actually eat/sleep/drink jewellery. I don’t have any other interests other than my obsession with jewellery. I know it’s sad, but it’s not work when you love what you do. Alfie is my other obsession – he is the best workshop studio companion.

Plans for the future?

I am planning on making a capsule collection that is not bespoke that clients can buy off the shelf – something a little more fun and very much more every day. Rings and pendants set with coloured sapphires that they can stack up for more impact or keep it simple. 

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