SERGIO RAMOS is as welcome in Liverpool as Roseanne Barr would be at the MOBOs.

The Real Madrid defender saw his side were struggling against the Reds in the Champions League final so took matters into his own hands – literally.

Using an arm-grapple slam-dunk – banned in martial arts for being too dangerous – he took down Liverpool’s star man Mo Salah, leaving him in tears and set to miss at least the start of the World Cup with a shoulder injury.
Real are a great team but having Ramos as their captain taints their legacy as the Spaniard’s origins are so low, you’d have to limbo under his family tree.
With their financial clout and history the Spanish giants – now with a new record of 13 European Cups – should have players who emerge victorious with style, dignity and class.
Those who congratulate Ramos for using dark arts and his win-at-all-cost mentality are just as bad. Deep down they, and he, must know that they will never truly be respected, never thought of as a true legend.
The 32-year-old also produced an outrageous, embarrassing face-clutching dive to get Sadio Mane booked – if the officials had been better the Skipper of Sh*thousery would not have lasted the whole 90 minutes.
Basically Ramos is the type of bloke who would sleep with your wife and then eat your breakfast; the guy who steals all your beer at a party; talks in the third person; wears his collars popped; would trip up a toddler and take candy from a baby.
But Liverpool can take heart that one of the best club sides ever seen needed to cheat and rely on a keeper to have the mother of all nightmares to beat them.
Talking of Loris Karius, being snidely elbowed in the head by that charming character Ramos just before his first howler, probably didn’t help but he should not have been unsettled so easily.
The young German gifted Zinedine Zidane’s side two goals, while Gareth Bale scored one of the best goals this competition has ever seen as Real won 3-1.
Manchester United fans revelling in the loss soon had the smile wiped off their faces when their long-time top transfer target Fabinho was announced as Jurgen Klopp’s second signing of the summer just days later.
The former Monaco man and the arrival of Naby Keita will massively strengthen Liverpool’s midfield and are two shrewd early moves by Klopp who is already looking forward – not backwards at that arm-breaking – I mean heart-breaking – night in Kiev
THOSE yearning for a time when football wasn’t all about money, politics and business are in for a treat with the CONIFA World Football Cup starting this week until June 10.
The 16-team global tournament takes place in London for international teams not recognised by FIFA.
This non-political competition, where Northern Cyprus and Panjab are among the favourites, is the biggest football contest you’ve never heard of and a breath of fresh air for an increasingly cynical sport.

AND finally Raheem Sterling’s treatment by the press and public is sometimes so odious it leaves me madder than a wet hen.

The fact successful black men and women have targets on their backs says more about the state of this country than it does those they vilify.

Yet having a gun tattooed onto your leg in tribute to your father who was shot dead is an odd thing to do. Had his dear departed dad met his maker by being hit by something as uncool as a Robin Reliant, I cannot see that piece of body-art being inked onto the England ace’s skin.

But while I wish footballers would embrace being role-models a bit more wisely and responsibly and help denounce guns being ‘gangsta’ it is HIS body and as The Doors once sung . . . People Are Strange!

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