Sports stars behaving badly while Chelsea turns screw in title race


MY drug dealer cracks me up – that’s another story – but drug cheats have ruined a great sport for me.

Athletics is now tainted much the same way as cycling.

As a kid, I used to love the excitement and rush of Olympics and World Championships with the world’s strongest, fittest and fastest going head-to-head for glory on the track and field.

Perhaps it was the innocence of youth or simply the times but it didn’t cross my mind that the sport wasn’t clean.

Now it is with depressing regularity that dopers are caught and exposed.

I feel terrible for Kelly Sotherton this week. The Games in 2008 should have been her moment – instead, she left Beijing heartbroken at not getting on the podium in either the heptathlon or 4x400m.

Now nine years later, thanks to druggies from the Ukraine and Russia, the retired Brit is a three-time Olympic bronze medallist.

After tasting the pride and glory of standing on a podium in Athens, to be denied it twice four years later is not just heart-wrenching it’s criminal.

The likes of Lyudmyla Blonska and Tatyana Chernova need to be named and shamed for destroying the dreams of others.

In light of the hundreds of failed drug tests, it is time for athletics to address the many suspiciously good Olympic and World records set during the 1980s and 90s, especially in the women’s events.

As people get fitter, sports science gets better and drug tests more stringent, the tiny increases in records over the years make sense.

What doesn’t are those that today’s athletes cannot get anywhere near despite being set decades ago.

CHELSEA took a huge stride towards the Premier League title by beating Southampton 4-2 on Tuesday night.

Eden Hazard hit his 16th goal of the season and his fourth in as many games at the business end of the season.

The Belgian is growing on me like a colony of E.coli – I admire the brilliance at what he does – but his success turns my stomach.

For this was the man who last year downed tools to such an extent when things were going wrong that he was labelled ‘a rat’ on a banner held aloft at Stamford Bridge.

Despite firing the Blues to the title the season before with 19 goals, last campaign he did not score his first Prem goal for his club until APRIL!

But now with everything right in his world, he is all smiles again. Not someone you’d want in your corner when the excrement hits the air conditioning.

I LOVE everyone. Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid and others I’d love to punch in the face. Joey Barton falls firmly into the third category.

The Burnley midfielder, 34, has been banned from all footballing activity for 18 months because of betting offences.

He claims football needs to reconsider its financial dependence on the gambling industry if it is serious about tackling the problem.

But unless he also has a hopeless addiction to Nivea, Under Armour, Volvo and Heineken – all heavily advertised on sports channels – then his argument does not stack up.

So I’d agree with you Joey, but then we’d both be wrong.

AND, finally, Manchester United did the unthinkable last week and broke Zlatan.

The super-fit super-Swede, 35, snapped knee ligaments and is out for at least a year with his contract up in May.

Bet (walk away Joey) Ibrahimovic wishes he had signed that one-year extension that had been on the table – HAD being the operative word.

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