Time for a New Years resolution with a little help from a Great British Fitness Brand!

Well, with the New Year is in full swing and those back to work blues rushing in as intensely as those New Years Day hangovers, so does that sinking reality that it’s almost a year until the excited 5 year old in us will stir once more and if it could get any more depressing, how many of those New Years resolutions have you failed on already? You know, the ones you say every year and think this year will be different! Who are you kidding? Yes, I have a few of those on the list already this year!
So no, I didn’t work out on the 1st, as I said to myself I would and no the dog walk doesn’t count and no I didn’t read for an hour, and reading though this blog several times as I write also doesn’t count, so as usual, I convinced myself the 1st doesn’t count, well it was a bank holiday! And the the 2nd too, I’ve somehow convinced myself that doesn’t count either! Hmmm, I think I see a pattern forming but hey, stick with it, I’m not one to give up and with my first gym session of 2018 booked in for the 3rd, there’s still time to get back on track! And on the plus side, I did manage to see in the New Year dry, with a little help from some lunchtime drinking on New Years Eve! And the intent for a dry January is still on track, even if it is only day 2. So sadly there will be no more Gin blogs just yet, although the Organic Kew Gin I took home for Christmas is certainly getting a mention, washed down with a little Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic and a twist of Pink Grapefruit zest! So for those not on a dry January or a Sugar Detox, (yes that’s on my list too and I was so on a sugar come down today, total grinch for most of the day but yes another resolution that is on track!) get your orders in, definitely a post ‘back to work’ tipple for Friday night and to keep away those January Blues and it’s the perfect marriage of two great British Products if you still need convincing. I of course will be subbing it for a sparkling water on ice and imagining just how good that gin tastes as I deprive myself once more! Hmmm, not sure I’ve thought this through, dry January when I have the January Blues, it’s going to be a challenging Friday night that’s for sure!
But I have my motivation! After 2 weeks of some serious over indulgence and a calorific intake that was off the scale, hey, it’s was Christmas, it’s allowed, and as this Christmas I have been mostly drinking, nothing quite like a little festive cheer, the New Year wouldn’t quite feel right without a few fitness goals! So having planned ahead and booked in all my gym sessions for January, hit the sugar detox in earnest and given up booze for the foreseeable (aka January), that can only mean one thing. Time to treat myself to some new training gear to keep that motivation high! Believe me, I’m going to need it!
And to get me going, what could be better than a little retail therapy. Nothing like a little power dressing to get me to the gym and that’s half the battle won! And I’m not talking 80’s shoulder pads here, although that might be quite entertaining. No, its time to hit the Lycra and it better be good! Nothing quite like a high waisted legging to hide that little Christmas tyre that’s looking a little too at home right now but believe me, your days are numbered as the only spare tyre I’m taking into 2018, is the one for my trusty road bike! So the challenge is on!
And my Lycra power suit of choice, the rather aptly named British Brand Sweaty Betty of course! Founded in 1998 by Tamara and Simon Hill-Norton, the London based women’s fitness wear brand has certainly calved out a niche and with its vibrant style it’s not just the Lycra thats putting a spring in my step and I’m going all in! Those who know me well, know I don’t do anything by halves so a trip to Sweaty Betty is never a short one.
The zen like store instantly sets the perfect tone for making me feel at home and the staff couldn’t be more helpful. Having grabbed 3 pairs of leggings as a start, I quickly find myself trying on more, not because I can’t find the perfect pair, I’m simply spoilt for choice and as a bit of a Lycra lovey, the one outfit I went in for is quickly becoming a coordinated range of separates, with layering options of course, that will easily see me through the next 2 weeks! And the result, I haven’t even stepped into the gym yet and I’m already feeling great. Yes, with my Sweaty Betty tote literally busting at the seams (a little like my post Christmas waistline) I’m good to go and ready to take on the world, well, the gym world at least!
So if your looking to kick start your New Years fitness goals with the perfect gear to get you in the mood and to get rid of those January blues, then why not visit your nearest Sweaty Betty store this weekend and if you can’t wait until then, take a look at their website and treat yourself to a great new look, from this great British Brand, to get you one step closer to winning those New Years fitness goals!
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