The perfect British Christmas gift… A traditional MERRYTHOUGHT Teddy Bear.

It’s official, with less than a month to go until Christmas it’s time I got my act together and started planning my Christmas gift list. Nothing quite like an increasing number of nieces and nephews (aka; The Smalls), to bring back all the excitement that Christmas brings and give me an excuse to indulge my inner child.

Remembering all that excitement on Christmas morning as Father Christmas delivered everything you’d wished for, or at least with a little parental guidance of course. Yes, with Unicorns top of the list at the moment, I think a real one maybe a little too much of a stretch even for Father Christmas but who knows, he may just work his magic but as the non-parent of my siblings, thankfully I’ll leave that challenge to the mothers and fathers and opt for something a little more accessible with maybe just a sprinkling of a unicorn for one particular ‘Small’.

So, with family flying in from just about everywhere, Christmas is always a little extra special in our house (or should that be my father’s house) as it’s the one time of year we’re all together. So, gifts for ‘The Smalls’ are always a lot more meaningful as a little take away for them as a reminder of their British family. Last year it was matching London PJ’s as a perfect little reminder of home and of course they all looked super cute on Christmas morning. This year I need to up my game and I think I have the perfect solution.

It goes without saying it needs to have a British theme, as a little reminder of English family of course and with that in mind what could be more perfect than a Merrythought Teddy Bear. I mean who doesn’t love a Teddy Bear, especially when dealing with the under-fives! Although, I do have to ask, are you ever too old for a teddy bear?

And these are no ordinary teddy bears, founded in the 1930’s, Merrythought Teddy Bears are still made today in their original home of Ironbridge Shropshire and are the last remaining British teddy bear factory. Could a gift be any more perfect?

In fact, yes, it gets better, as well as a rather aptly named London Bear, there’s also the Beefeater and Royal Guardsman Bear to add to my theme and if they could top that, they just did! Maybe not quite in keeping with my theme but even a The Cheeky Unicorn Bear! Looks like Father Christmas just brought his A game, with a little help from Merrythought of course. But that’s just my selection.

Look for yourself, as there really is something for everyone and I may just have to add the fantastic ‘Freddy Fox’ to my own wish list this year. I did say you’re never too old!

So if you’re looking for the perfect British Product this Christmas, for ‘The Smalls’ in your life or to satisfy someone’s inner child, that’s never too far from the surface at Christmas, than look no further and treat someone to an exquisite Merrythought Teddy Bear this Christmas.

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