Take a Look at the Story of Enid Blyton

Britain has produced some truly wonderful characters real, televised and through literature.

But some of the most wonderful came from the British author Enid Blyton.

She was born on the 11th of August 1897 in Dulwich, London she took an interest in writing from an early age. Blyton was highly intelligent and excelled at school and additionally mastered the piano at an early age, she demonstrated from her youth that she had the dedication required to be successful. Her mother dismissed her passion as a waste of time but her father was always encouraging to her talent.

The budding author was first published when she was only fourteen years old, this was a poem she had written for a children’s magazine and two years later another poem was published “Have You?” in Nash magazine.

Blyton was gaining confidence and sending work off and being recognised, she kept writing on the side when she went to Ipswich to train as a teacher and throughout her brief time as a teacher and governess. She was gaining quite a lot of attention and had a regular spot in Sunny Stories children’s magazine. As her magazine pieces continued to do well Blyton took on the heftier task of her first novel, “Child Whispers” was published in 1922 and was her first published book. In 1924 with the successful combination of her first few books and media pieces, she turned to full time writing.

Although Enid Blyton created worlds of characters that touched the hearts of children around the world, one in particular came into print in the 1950’s; this was of course Little Noddy and his adventures in Toyland. Although critics claimed the stories were too childish, children adored them and the demand for Blyton became greater than ever. Noddy has become a televised character and is known all over the world for keeping the peace in Toyland.

She also wrote the famous five series and the stories of the faraway tree, but more than anything she got an entire generation of children into reading. Libraries refused to stock many of her books despite the fact that they were the one thing that kids were actually interested in.

Regardless of the efforts of some to put her down, today Enid Blyton is on the list of the top ten bestselling British authors of all time having sold over 600 million copies of her books. She was not just a treasure of her era either as new editions of her stories are being printed today, six year from the century anniversary of her first published book.

She wrote over 400 books in her time and an uncountable amount of articles and pieces for magazines and newspapers, she is an example to budding authors of today but also to all of us, despite her mother’s negative attitude she continued to write and despite the death of her inspirational father she continued never the less to write. And not only did she excel at her passion but she threw herself into achieving anything she took part in, Enid Blyton is a British treasure and proudly shared around the world with her inspiring and imaginative stories. She created an escape for children, an escape they still escape to today.

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